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The Way To Get Wings In MU Legend

MU Legend

In the game, at the start you can see that most of players run or fiy with a character who has wings. This is one of the cosmetic items. However, they also have impact on stats in MU Legend. At the begining, these wings don’t offer a lot. Later, you can find more powerful chance that offer more rewards such as additional experience or extended health bar.

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The first set of wings wont have amazing stats but, in the later parts of the game, you will find better ones. – How to get wings in MU Legend? – FAQ – MU Legend Game Guide

The first set of wings won’t have amazing stats but, in the later parts of the game, you will find better ones.

Don’t worry, the first set of wings is obtained automatically. Just keep completing main quests. Around levels 25-28 (depending on when you started doing them) you can complete a quest that will reward you with wings. Simply equip the item to get bonuses.

What is more, your wings can be upgraded. This gives them new properties – bonus to experience, health points or even movement speed. However, this process costs a lot and requires materials that are hard to find – there is no point in doing that until your character is well-developed. Remember that the first set of wings can’t be upgraded.

Wings are normal and platinum. Normal wings is you can get for the aforementioned quest. It can provide your character with various bonuses. Premium wings can be found by buying crates with real money. But these wings can only change appearance of your character, they don’t give you any bonuses. So players who play “for free” have advantage over those who pay.

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11 Dec 2017