I have tried a very large array of objects to shoot over

I got my bar all set up. I have tried a very large array of objects to shoot over, the giant was just one example, but I can never safe spot. Do you know of any object I can shoot over,so I can see if it’s even possible? I don’t like being so adamant on this, but I really feel that either they changed the objects you can shoot over to a very small list, or I am experiencing a bug with ranged combat. A lot of the layouts of these places has changed, but a few years ago I never had an issue finding a safe spot, and could always keep a monster at the other side of the barrel/table/rock/corpse, and now I cannot for the life of me.

I did not see a fence, but I was able to safe spot with a different type of small rocks. It appears the acceptable objects to shoot over is just a little picky. I still haven’t found a table he will shoot over. I hope they didn’t change Fire Giants in Waterfall Dungeon; I know it was possible to safespot over that table.

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