Madden 18 Ratings Update About Week 14

Madden NFL 18

In week 14, EA Sports released their weekly Madden 18 player ratings and roster update. And you can download the Madden 18 ratings update on both PS4 and Xbox One.

This week’s update is highlighted by Russel Wilson’s overall rating making a big three point leap from an 89 to a 92 overall. That makes Wilson the highest rated QB behind Tom Brady (96 overall), and Aaron Rodgers when he’s healthy (96 overall). He’s joined in the winners section by his backfield mate, RB Mike Davis, who went from a 73 to a 75 overall, a two point raise.

Madden 18 ratings

Wilson’s not the only big name to grace the top of the movers list, though. QB’s Matt Ryan and Drew Brees both made the list, but for a different reason as both of the veteran QB’s saw their overall ratings drop by one point. Might not seem like a whole lot, but those one point dips tend to add up over the course of the Madden season.

Big Winners

Russel Wilson +3 (92 overall)

Tyron Smith +2 (89 overall)

David Irving +3 (83 overall)

Navarro Bowman +3 (81 overall)

Mike Davis +2 (75 overall)

Craig Robertson +3 (78 overall)

Big Losers

Jamaal Charles -2 (78 overall)

Eddie Jackson -3 (74 overall)

John Ross -3 (73 overall)

Taylor Moton -4 (71 overall)

Darius Butler -4 (70 overall)

Jamize Olawale -8 (73 overall)


It was a great week in the ratings if you like playing competitively with the Cowboys, Seahawks, Raiders, Vikings, or the Chiefs. Well, the Chiefs offensive unit had a good week, anyway. The biggest story of the week has to be Russel Wilson’s aforementioned three point jump. The Seahawks are still short CB Richard Sherman and SS Kam Chancellor on defense, but with the way their offense is playing, they are a deadly team to come across in online competitive matches.

The Cowboys offensive line saw a nice bounce back in their overall ratings punctuated by LT Tyron Smith’s three point rebound. Smith is slowly working his rating back up to a respectable number as he’s now at an 89 overall. The Dallas offense has been stagnant until this week, so it’s certainly a much needed jolt to that particular unit. Make no mistake about it, when Dallas’ offense is clicking, they are a tough team to deal with in competitive gameplay.

Unfortunately, RB Jamaal Charles (-2) and FS Eddie Jackson (-3) are both on the losing end of the Madden 18 ratings update, again. These two players in particular are in free-fall over the last few weeks, and it’s certainly no coincidence that their teams are struggling mightily. The worst ratings drops across any one team’s squad can be found along the Carolina Panther offensive line. Their struggles are highlighted by the way RT Taylor Moton fell off by four points. The Panthers O-line has seen a steady decline this week due mostly to their lackluster performance against the New Orleans Saints relentless pass rush.

Want to see your favorite team’s ratings changes before picking up your sticks this week? You can check out the full list of ratings moves and changes on the EA Sports Madden 18 ratings database.
As the same before, SGO is your source for everything related to the Madden 18 player ratings. More about these news, then you can also find in U4GM. When week 15 comes, be sure to check back all of week 15’s ratings news, notes, and breakdown of all the big winners and losers.


The Way To Get Wings In MU Legend

MU Legend

In the game, at the start you can see that most of players run or fiy with a character who has wings. This is one of the cosmetic items. However, they also have impact on stats in MU Legend. At the begining, these wings don’t offer a lot. Later, you can find more powerful chance that offer more rewards such as additional experience or extended health bar.

New PVP Content, New Class, Progression, Crafting & More
The first set of wings wont have amazing stats but, in the later parts of the game, you will find better ones. – How to get wings in MU Legend? – FAQ – MU Legend Game Guide

The first set of wings won’t have amazing stats but, in the later parts of the game, you will find better ones.

Don’t worry, the first set of wings is obtained automatically. Just keep completing main quests. Around levels 25-28 (depending on when you started doing them) you can complete a quest that will reward you with wings. Simply equip the item to get bonuses.

What is more, your wings can be upgraded. This gives them new properties – bonus to experience, health points or even movement speed. However, this process costs a lot and requires materials that are hard to find – there is no point in doing that until your character is well-developed. Remember that the first set of wings can’t be upgraded.

Wings are normal and platinum. Normal wings is you can get for the aforementioned quest. It can provide your character with various bonuses. Premium wings can be found by buying crates with real money. But these wings can only change appearance of your character, they don’t give you any bonuses. So players who play “for free” have advantage over those who pay.

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Madden NFL 18

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Atlas Migration Information Of PoE

War For The Atlas

Yesterday, GGG oficial released the Atlas Migration Information in path of exile. Next, GM2V will introduce the contents of the GGG website that have published.

They’ve received a few community questions about what will happen to your Atlas progression in the permanent leagues once 3.1.0 is live. Your Atlas progression will merge to your standard Atlas. Your Atlas will not be reset but there are other changes that it would be prudent to be aware of.

You’ll still have the same number of completed maps on your Atlas and at the same tiers as you completed them. However, some maps in 3.1.0 will be changing tier which means that which map is marked as completed may change.

When your Atlas migrates, you’ll still retain the same number and level of bonus objectives completed in their respective tiers of map. For example, if you have two Tier 5 maps with completed bonus objectives but the maps you originally completed have changed tier, you will still have two Tier 5 maps with completed bonus objectives when your Atlas merges, but what the bonus objectives are will have changed. This is also true of Sextants that have been applied. However, Sextant blocking rules will also still apply so any invalid Sextant mods on your Atlas will be lost.

If you complete a Legacy map (a map that was dropped before 3.1.0), it will complete a chain of maps from the start pointing on the Atlas up until the tier of map you completed.

Legacy maps will not drop Shaper or Elder items. You also cannot meet Elder Guardians in these maps.

The above is the content of Atlas Migration published by GGG website. As with all expansions, the path of exile will be completely free. If you’ve never tried Path of Exile before, now is a great time to jump in. The path of exile as with all expansions, this one will be completely free. What are you waiting for?

Madden NFL 18 Has Enhanced For Xbox One X And Plays Best

Madden NFL 18

Madden NFL 18 on Xbox One X offers the most detailed, highest resolution Madden NFL game available on any console. In order to celebrate cooperate with EA Sports, we’re excited to debut a new campaign featuring Oakland Raiders running back, Marshawn Lynch.

Considered one of the most powerful running backs in NFL history, Marshawn Lynch was a natural fit for Xbox One X – the world’s most powerful console. And with the power of Xbox One X, combined with the Frostbite engine, Madden NFL 18 features enhancements such as increased camera detail and a constant 60 fps, creating an absolutely stunning 4K Ultra HD football experience, from gameplay to cinematic moments. Or as the Baby Beast proclaims, “Madden NFL 18 plays best on Xbox One X!Madden NFL 18 Screenshot - Marshawn Lynch

Me & Marshawn” is designed for all gamers and signals how the Xbox One X lets you experience the most powerful Madden NFL ever. Only Marshawn’s loud-mouthed alter ego, #BabyBeastMode, creates an unexpected surprise by trying to take all the credit. Across seven episodes, viewers will experience that the Baby Beast comes alive for the only true 4K Madden NFL 18 experience on console.

The campaign kicks off on our official Xbox YouTube channel and will be viewable during the Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals NFL game during “Monday Night Football” which airs on ESPN at 5:30 p.m PT. You can get a sneak peek of the “Me & Marshawn” commercial at the top of this post.

You can buy Xbox One X and Madden NFL 18 on Xbox One X and Madden NFL 18 or retailer now. And if you want to know more information on how Madden NFL 18 has been enhanced for Xbox One X, please visit If you go in this website, check out Inside Xbox One X Enhanced, Madden NFL 18 or to check out the full list of Xbox One X Enhanced titles, plus features and benefits, and you may get more harvest.

‘Madden 18′ The Exciting Game In The History Of Digital Football

Madden NFL 18

When you seeing only green and a rapidly-approaching end zone in front of you, and you will find the better feeling when you defeat your opponent in a competitive game of Madden. But when you’re pro gamer Big Gucci and a close suddenly, you will feel like your heart was shocked, and very sad. So this game is very high-stakes.
Bear witness to perhaps the most ill-timed fumble in the history of Madden, all of Madden. Not just Madden 18. In fact, this could be the worst fumble in the history of digital football. That’s over thirty years of video game pigskin, all boiled down and distilled into this ridiculous fumble from Eddie Lacy, who shockingly had the speed to out-run multiple cornerbacks.

Not only does Lacy’s fumble at the goal line hurt, but the shame is amplified as the hand egg is scooped up by the defender in the end zone and loops all the way around the field and scores a touchdown like prime video game Bo Jackson. Pittsburgh likely totals at least 130 total yards while bringing the ball to the house. Incredible. The worst part? This wasn’t a glitch. He dove.

It is not yet clear if the gaming system Gucci was playing on was inserted into an industrial incinerator later that day. This is probably the worst one but we still have some expectations with Madden 18.

FIFA Mobile: A Free Game On Smartphones And Tablets

FIFA Mobile is a free game on smartphones and tablets that is aimed at all fans of virtual football, whether beginners or seasoned players of the FIFA series on consoles. 30 championships, 650 licensed teams and more than 17,000 real players are waiting for you in this round-ball simulation fully playable in touch mode. The game, free-to-play, uses a system of players to win in boosters that is reminiscent of FIFA Ultimate Team.

Among the features of the game stands out a new mode of attack, which pushes the player’s team against the opponent in a step-by-step match. Football players take turns to score as many goals as possible in each half of the field, with all actions aimed exclusively at the attacker. Each goal adds fans, and the more fans are earned, the higher the team in the ranking.

Also in the game there are leagues formed from own friends of the gamer. You can play against each other in friendly matches and league tournaments, complete joint achievements, and then compete as a team with other leagues to become the best in the world. A big update for FIFA players! This is quite exciting! The new season will be available within a few days, so just seize the limited time and gather enough money and necessary gears and players ahead. If you need fifa coins in game, you can buy cheap FIFA Mobile Coins on U4GM.