Madden NFL 18 Has Become The Best Selling Video Game Of August

In its debut, Madden NFL 18 has become the best selling video game of August in the United States according to reports NPD Group, who point out that the sale of games in this market has fallen by three percent compared to the same month of the previous year , generating a total income of 282 million dollars in PCs and consoles.


The surprising data comes, once again, from the hand of Grand Theft Auto V, which has placed second in the list of bestsellers. With this, there are 41 times the Rockstar video game is among the ten best-selling in the United States since it debuted on the market 49 months ago.

The top ten list also includes recent titles like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy of PS4 or Splatoon 2 of Nintendo Switch, that remain strong in the high places of the table.

  • Madden NFL 18
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
  • Splatoon 2
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Overwatch

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NBA 2K18 was launched on September 19, 2017, matter of factly, it has already enjoyed high popularity among video game players. The retained of MyCareer Mode becomes the biggest attraction of the NBA 2K18, where gamer will have the privilege to modify the player and make it a beastly one by enhancing the capabilities. More sports gaming news and updates, you can stay for more NBA 2K18 news, tips, and updates.

NBA 2K18

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The Father And Son Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light Aren’t Exactly Estranged

Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light, it offers an opportunity to relish in the kind of nostalgia that will forever preserve Final Fantasy as one of the greatest gaming series of all time. The father and son in the Japanese drama Final Fantasy XIV Dad Of Light aren’t exactly estranged, although they eat at the same table before and after hours, they move in different generational orbits. It’s wise to buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil in time.

Final Fantasy XIV

Dad Of Light, a father and son in Final Fantasy XIV, their relationship may accurately be classed as non-existent. The father (Ren Osugi) is a corporate samurai for whom work-life balance is a myth, the son (Yudai Chiba) is a sales representative by day and a video game fan by night – and have long stopped talking to each other.

The game transports them to a place far from their daily worries, a magical land of forests and snowy cities. Everything changed for their father-son dynamic when they both suddenly became enrapture by the original Final Fantasy. But real-life happened: Hakutaro had to assume a leadership at work, and gaming was left forgotten until he suddenly quit his job in the present day.

All in all, Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light is a soap opera, but it’s a soap opera full of heart that transmits genuine emotions that we all can relate to. Dad Of Light is the project of a young man named Akio Inaba to try to reconnect with his father, Hakutaro Inaba, by inviting him into the world of Final Fantasy XIV, and befriending him in the game while hiding his own identity. More detailed information on the above games can be found more here.

Madden NFL 18 Has An Unique Story Mode

Madden NFL launched in August 2017 and is also powered by the Frostbite engine. This game has a unique story mode, and EA plans to launch its eSports vertical with this game in fiscal 2018.


Madden NFL 18 is an American football simulation game exclusively licensed by the National Football League on PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The game was developed and edited by EA Tiburon and is part of the Madden NFL game series.

The New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, the recent Super Bowl LI winner is selected to be on the cover of the game. For the first time in the series, the franchise introduces a “History” mode developed with the Frostbite game engine.

Thanks to the Frostbite engine, Madden NFL 18 makes a gigantic set forward. You’ll find breathtaking new stadium designs surrounded by vast urban landscapes. Watch the NFL spectacle on the day of the match in this ultra-photo-realistic game. Play each encounter the way you want it. Choose from three new game variants or play the most interesting games of the real world every week in Play Now Live! By introducing even more game variants in combination with your favorite modes (Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise), you experience Madden like never before. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more Madden 18 news and cheap Madden coins for sale with instant delivery.

FFXIV: Patch 4.1 Will Bring Some New Main Scenario Quests To The MMO

Final Fantasy XIV

A Live Letter presentation for Final Fantasy XIV have already been held by Square Enix, revealing some upcoming changes for the game and a preview of the massive 4.1 patch, ” The Legend Returns”. In order to mark Final Fantasy XIV’s fourth anniversary, details of the highly anticipated patch 4.1 were revealed. It is worth saying that cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil for sale.

When it comes to The Legend Returns and set to release early in October 2017, patch 4.1 will allow players to dive into the world of Ivalice from Final Fantasy XII. The patch will feature a new main story-arc, side quests, a new Primal battle, and a new Ultimate difficulty setting.

The Full List Of Details For Patch 4.1 Announced During The Stream Are As Follows:

New Beast Tribe Quests – The Kojin
New Alliance Raid – Return to Ivalice
Dungeons with your Squadron Members
New PvP Content – Rival Wings 24 vs 24
Chambers, New Systems and New Enemies
New Instanced Dungeon – The Drowned City of Skalla
New Primal Battle – The Extreme version of the Main Story boss
New Ultimate Difficulty – The Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate)
Housing Update – Shirogane Plots and Relocation Service Available
New Main Scenario and Side Quests – including the return of Hildibrand
The Lost Canals of Uznair Update – New Maps leading to Deeper Submerged
Adventurer Squadron Updates – New Missions where you can form a party and enter

The graphics of Final Fantasy XIV made many improvement. Patch 4.1 will bring some new main scenario quests to the MMO, as well as a brand new dungeon, The Drowned City of Skalla. The update is scheduled to hit in early October. Including all sorts of new content and updates, read more at here.