The ESO: Experience in Tamriel

Since The Elder Scrolls Online was launched in 2014 I’ve been played it 3 years. During its developing time there may some topic about it, even some argue about it but I do believe that most of players it’s the one of the best MMORPGs. I witnessed the development and today I’ll share my experience about Tamriel. Normally after DLC released there are some additional content will be added in the game. Recently we had the first Chapter fot the game in Morrowind, after that the new DLC Horns of the Reach released. The class Morrowind added  since launch is the Warden with Horns of the Reach adding new content, locations, dungeons, etc. The main reason makes me continue playing is the flexibility, maybe it’s not perfect but it’s enough to make me subscribe.

The ESO: Experience in Tamriel
Even if there are many offers in the game, I’ve complete the most of them. I still find things to do when I login every day. I’ve started to dabble in PvP more and even though it can be a tad frustrating at times due to my faction not being on the top. It’s still fun to play around with and take on multiple people at a time and come out victorious. A lot of people are divided on if PvP is still fun or not, and there will be complaining in any game you find but for me, I still find Cyrodiil to be just as fun and exciting as ever. Although there are many offers of the fame but I have complete the most of them. That don’t mean ending but there are still other things waiting me to deal with once I login. Even if my faction not being on the top.

My Nightblade build is admittedly more for PvE content than PvP but I find it rather flexible. My build is a full of Magicka NB with Destro/Resto as my two weapons of choice. My character has gone through three major revisions and I finally found what I like the most in Destro/Resto staves. Again, going back to the flexibility that ESO gives you, I am happy that I can do that with one character, instead of having to make more and more alts to experiment.

I’m extremely happy with the direction Zenimax are taking ESO. I like the idea of them coming out with constant DLCs and then having a paid Chapter every year. There are a few things I dislike as well. Housing would be a little better if they implemented it so that it’s more useful and less superfluous – I am not as fond of the housing system as I am in other MMORPGs. I wish they would release better quality outfits that you can buy in the in-game store. And I wish they’d get a handle on the group finder, which always seems spotty. But by and large, I think ESO is a fine example of how to run a live game.

Nothing is perfect, it’s reasonable there are some things I like and dislike in the game. Generally speaking, I love the Horns of The Reach, I am excite with it once I login in and I am also glade to share you my thoughts and adventures. If you get other skills or find some interesting things in game you can also share it to me. There may other DLC will be launched in a couple months, we can open the Clockwork City finally. Let’s have fun together in Tamriel together.