What Is The New Direction In Madden 18

EA went through us at the beginning of the game. The event called “The Longshot” is carrying out a complete movie experience. In fact, the game’s first few minutes almost no you played anything. Developers EA Tiburon spend time setting the stage. You play Devin Wade, he remembers all the critical moments of his life.




The first interaction of German control is a young child who plays a simulated football game in the yard. The only game tip involves some quick time events, which allows you to throw a perfect spiral on your friends and use the left lever to control flight in flight. We are told that some of these game mechanisms can only be used once throughout the campaign.

Next, our mission is to play through Devin’s commemorative high school competition, where he is replaced and his team is great. Here he does not expect to win, but to overcome the amazing odds that do so, triggering a chain reaction that inevitably leads to German being incorporated into the NFL. This result is not a given – story of the branch, and depending on your decision, you may not even cut it down, but more is a little bit! Since you are a high school graduate student, so do not have to call; your coach deals with all making decisions.

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