The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer For The Warden Class

The Elder Scrolls Online soon starts with the first new addon chapter Morrowind and a highlight will be the new class of the Warden. To the Warden, there is now a new video showing the natural wizards from the point of Morag-Tong Assassins Naryu Virian.

Soon Morrowind, the first chapter addon to The Edler Scrolls Online out (pre-buyers can already ran on 22 May). As an ESO fan you do not know what to look forward to at Morrowind: the strange, beautiful new island of Vvardenfell, the new Raid “Halls of Fabrication”, the PVP battlefields or the Wardens as a new class.

For the Warden is a new video from the series of stories of Naryu Virian, the Morag-Tong-assassin and guardians of Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind – “What can Wardens actually do?”

For her research, Naryu Virian sought a real keeper and showed himself what he could do. With the ice magic of the natural wizard, the moody assassin was not particularly impressed. Rumzauber can be somehow anyway. Also the conjured Netch calf was rather sweet than impressive. But then a wild Guar emerges and the guardian calls Schwuppdiwupp a thick black bear, who scares the beast.

Naryu Virian is more interesting, but she is impressed by the magical forest, the ultimate healing cure of the Warden. This creates a small, romantic grove in which the keeper and Naryu Virian could certainly have many interesting conversations about bears. We have embedded the video here for you. Have fun watching.

Are you looking forward to the Warden? Or are you wary of nature wizards and forestry classes and would you prefer to experience Morrowind with your old hero adventure? Let us know your opinion and write it in the comments!