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Albion The Final Update Hector Is Coming With Prominent Features

After years of testing and speculation, the roadmap of Albion Online was unveiled. It begins with a massive overhaul update called Galahad coming March 13th followed by another huge update called Hector in late May or early June then release July 17th, 2017. U4GM was regarded as the best place to buy cheap albion online gold for seasoned gamers.


With the time push away, Sandbox game is better than previous. Overall, the world of Albion Online is absolutely massive, beautiful and full of biodiversity. Different areas look substantially different, take resources as an example, some zones have a wealth of resources that all gamers need, on the contrary, some zones are lack of those resources. Most of time gamers like exploring a dangerous world, aiming to harvest more necessary currencies such as albion online gold.

Albion Online will live by its open world content and its PVP although Sandbox has been taking steps to enhance the PVE experience as well. Albion Online is a free-to-play MMORPG set for a Q1 2016 release. Sandbox Interactive have said the game will have a player-driven economy, no class restrictions and a heavy focus on claiming, defending and laying siege to player territories.

Currently, regarding the final update of Albion Online, Hector is coming to Albion Online on June 7, 2017. New feature: black market, revamped hellgates as well as outlands improvements. Hector has the most prominent features, more news about new update: Hector,you can go to official website: https://www.u4gm.com/albion-online/.

The Elder Scrolls Online Trailer For The Warden Class

The Elder Scrolls Online soon starts with the first new addon chapter Morrowind and a highlight will be the new class of the Warden. To the Warden, there is now a new video showing the natural wizards from the point of Morag-Tong Assassins Naryu Virian.

Soon Morrowind, the first chapter addon to The Edler Scrolls Online out (pre-buyers can already ran on 22 May). As an ESO fan you do not know what to look forward to at Morrowind: the strange, beautiful new island of Vvardenfell, the new Raid “Halls of Fabrication”, the PVP battlefields or the Wardens as a new class.

For the Warden is a new video from the series of stories of Naryu Virian, the Morag-Tong-assassin and guardians of Morrowind.

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind – “What can Wardens actually do?”

For her research, Naryu Virian sought a real keeper and showed himself what he could do. With the ice magic of the natural wizard, the moody assassin was not particularly impressed. Rumzauber can be somehow anyway. Also the conjured Netch calf was rather sweet than impressive. But then a wild Guar emerges and the guardian calls Schwuppdiwupp a thick black bear, who scares the beast.

Naryu Virian is more interesting, but she is impressed by the magical forest, the ultimate healing cure of the Warden. This creates a small, romantic grove in which the keeper and Naryu Virian could certainly have many interesting conversations about bears. We have embedded the video here for you. Have fun watching.

Are you looking forward to the Warden? Or are you wary of nature wizards and forestry classes and would you prefer to experience Morrowind with your old hero adventure? Let us know your opinion and write it in the comments!

More Video On The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Bethesda has released another video on The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

The expansion for the MMO will be available on June 6 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and can be pre-ordered as a Standard Edition or Collector’s Edition.

In the new video, which is called “Assassins and the Great Houses”, you will be shown how you “survive the clan-feud intrigues of Vvardenfell”.

“In Morrowind, nothing is as it seems, and this is especially true in the cutthroat world of Dunmer politics. As you explore Vvardenfell in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work with and against the three Great Houses currently in control: House Hlaalu, House Redoran, and House Telvanni.”

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Albion Online Certain Zones Battles And The Conquest Of Territory

Some gamers in Albion Online have the ability of collecting enough resources to win in the world, both in PvE and PvP. At the same time, certain zones are indeed dedicated to fighting between players on more or less large scale. Sandbox Interactive directs a good part of HL ambitions of the game towards the PvP and the conquest of territory. More details can be found on here: https://www.u4gm.com/albion-online/.


Albion Online can claim to be the first truly cross-platform MMO. The game is available on PC, Linux, Mac, Android, and the IOS version will arrive soon. For example, it is possible to start a game on PC and then take it back exactly to the same place on a tablet in nomad mode without any disconnection on both devices. In fact, it will always be more optimized to play on a PC with a keyboard-mouse combo than on a tablet or a phone with its little fingers. You can buy cheap albion online gold with the fastest delivery, recommend you visit U4GM right now.

Albion Online will not be the kind of game to put in all hands. Pure sandbox, it offers an experience entirely turned towards the game in alliance to master both its PvE and PvP content. Because under its airs of cartoon games in low poly, the title offers a world to conquer as much to the sweat of many hours of harvest and craft as to the massive clashes between guilds.

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Albion Online Released New Map For Hellgates

Albion Online is revamping new mechanics and a brand new map of Hellgates. The official site posted some details of these updates.

In Albion Online, Hellgates are an intrinsic feature that combining the thrill of PvP and PvE in one place. Players will not only meet demonic monsters in the orange portal of Hellgate, but also face the dangers that came from other players who enter the same Hellgate.


Hellgates are a great source for intense PvP fights which making them popular in Albion Online players. When players use Hellgates, they will face some problems which related to teams dodging fights or pulling mobs to gain an unfair advantage in fights. So Albion Online plans to create a new Hellgate map and revamp several of its mechanics to fix the problems.

Hellgate Design Goals

  • Hellgates are about PvP.
  • Mobs should play no, or a very limited, role in deciding who wins the PvP fight.
  • Mobs should act as sources for loot and as a time buffer that allow a second team to join the Hellgate before it is finished.
  • Hellgate strategy should not be affected by artificial game mechanics such as timers.
  • Dodging the opposing team should not be possible. At the same time, there needs to be a legitimate way out of the Hellgate if something unexpected happens, for example: your healer disconnects.
  • Camping the opposing team’s entrance should not be a valid strategy.


New Hellgate Map

The Hellgate map has been completely redesigned and now has the shape of a pentagram. The corners of the pentagram are connected by a circular path, and each corner represents a potential entrance portal to the Hellgate but it is now impossible to know where the generic group appears, and groups that enter the hell gate are a protective bubble, for a certain period of time they can not get the gate through the entrance. The PvE is now reduced, and the players do not have to worry about the fact that the monsters that are attracted will decide the outcome of PvP battles, but there is now a new PvE combat with miniboss opponents. But they are not moving into the PvP Fighting. Nevertheless, the fight against the minibosses is worthwhile as they drop attractive prey. When all minibosses are shot, the entrances to the hell gate are sealed and the appearance of the main boss is triggered with a time delay.

Three Levels Of Hellgates

The Hellgates are dividing to three levels: Ashen Hellgates (green zones), Ignited Hellgates (yellow zones), and Infernal Hellgates (red and black zones). As you can see, the partition is making according to the zones you enter.

Ashen Hellgate – These Hellgates are for teams of two players each, have a power cap and are perfect for beginners to Albion Online who are not yet familiar with PvP and Hellgates.

  • Teams: Two teams of two players each.
  • Entrance: Green zones.
  • Death Penalty: Knockdown and teleport out of the Hellgate.
  • Hostile Counter: On
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and a chest in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 4
  • Loot: Low amount of Souls and Runes.
  • Fame value: x1.5 (slightly higher than yellow zones)
  • Power cap: Soft cap at 700 Item Power

Ignited Hellgate – For those who are not quite ready for full-loot PvP, there are the ignited Hellgates.

  • Teams: Two teams of five players each.
  • Entrance: Yellow zones.
  • Death Penalty: Knockdown and teleport out of the Hellgate.
  • Hostile Counter: On
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and main boss in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 5
  • Loot: Low amount of Souls and Runes. Chest have a chance to drop level one (soul) artifacts.
  • Fame value: x1.5 (slightly higher than yellow zones)
  • Power cap: Soft cap at 800 Item Power

Infernal Hellgate – Infernal Hellgates can be entered through red and black zones only. These are the unrestricted version of Hellgates, with the most punishing ruleset but also the best rewards.

  • Teams: Two teams of five players each.
  • Entrance: Red and black zones.
  • Death Penalty: Death and full loot.
  • Hostile Counter: Off
  • Mobs: Trash mobs, minibosses and main boss in the center.
  • Mob Tier: Tier 5
  • Loot: Artifacts, Souls and Runes.
  • Fame value: x2.5 (same as in red zones)
  • No power cap

The Hellgate map and mechanics mentioned above are just what we know so far. These updates are still being internally tested and further information about specifics of any of the above and more over at www.upalbion.com.

10 Key Changes should Be Done in Madden 18: Part One

There is no doubt that Madden 17 was a big success, there are countless fans was attracted since Madden 17 came out. With the Super Bowl 51 committed to the history books, Madden fans are looking forward next season: Madden 18. Developers are working on Madden 18 hardly now, and they solicited the views of Madden fans where need to be improved compare with Madden 17, then they got lots of advice and there are 10 main changes that fans want developers adopt. We will introduce 5 of them today, here are the details.
1.Off-the-ball injuries
Often the worst possible kind of injuries in the NFL – such as knee ligament tears, or ruptured achilles tendons – are caused off the ball (and therefore, to the fan at home, off camera), but such knacks are seldom seen in Madden. That might add to the sense of fairness online, yet it detracts from the authenticity of franchise mode, where even the occasional accidental career-ender should rear its ugly, straight-to-the-CAT-scanner head.
“We need more off the ball injuries, and animations that represent them,” says Art871 on the EA Forums. “For instance, players being carted off the field, walking off under own power, or being helped off by players/medical staff.” No gamer wants to see their star wide receiver knocked out for the season by something out of their control; but equally, no gamer wants to go 1-15, like Cleveland did last season. It happens in real life, so should feature in the game.
2.A whole new ball game via Frostbite
I haven’t credited any single poster for this one because it’s something suggested by everyone, everywhere. The switch to Battlefield’s Frostbite engine, mirroring a move FIFA made last year and confirmed during EA’s January conference call to investors, is unlikely to transform the game on a genetic level. Yet from a visual standpoint it has the potential to comprehensively enhance the just-like-being-there experience.
Madden’s running animations have never quite looked natural, which is an immersion killer: that should change with the switch to an engine built on authentic cosmetics. Improved weather effects, more life in players and coaches on the sideline, and better material dynamics – in MLB The Show numbers truly look like they’ve been printed onto jerseys, and that’s the benchmark EA should be striving for – are all tantalising possibilities with the switch to Frostbite.
3.Unlimited relocation choices
The mid-‘10s have seen significant upheaval – in a very literal sense – throughout the NFL, with the Rams, Raiders and Chargers all finding new homes: the former in Las Vegas, the latter pair in LA. Yet while relocation features in Madden 17, it does so with severe restrictions.  (For instance, there are only 18 possible places to move your team to, and Vegas doesn’t make the list.)
Toupal from Operation Sports suggests some very simple ways the option can be upgraded: “[More options for] the city, name and colours, stadium and uniforms; expansion teams; and the ability to upload and download logo designs’. The latter element is especially important for anyone who uses Jaguars in franchise mode, in order to presciently transform them into the London Big Bens come 2021.
4.True home-field advantage
The Chiefs’ Arrowhead stadium holds the world record for crowd noise at 142.2 dbA; little wonder Kansas City has only lost six regular season home games in three years. Seattle’s CenturyLink Field is similarly intimidating. Home-field advantage has more bearing in the NFL than any other sport, with away sides often unable to hear audibles and snap counts beneath the din of the crowd. Yet in Madden: nothing.
“Make home field advantage actually mean something,” writes Operation Sports poster servo75. “For example: high crowd noise reduces or removes your ability to audible and go no-huddle, or causes more false starts.” This worked brilliantly in the old NCAA games, also made by EA, where the lines showing receiver routes were obfuscated when you played as the away team in a raucous stadium. If the worry is influencing online matches, then also provide the option to turn home advantage off; but at least make it a thing in offline, and franchise, play.
5.Improved clock management
This year’s Super Bowl was won and lost on clock management, with Atlanta repeatedly – and stupidly – gifting New England more time by snapping the ball with :20 still on the play clock. And towards the end of games, Madden’s AI teams are just as unfathomable in this area as the fallen Falcons.
“I was up by 10 points late in the 4th quarter vs the CPU,” writes blogger texashomeboy1. “With about three minutes left, the CPU started the drive with a quick pass over the middle, casually entered the huddle and took their sweet time to get up to the line to snap the ball. Before you knew it, only two plays had been run, the two-minute warning had hit, and the CPU was still only at its own 40. This simply doesn’t happen in the actual NFL. Teams recognize that, when down multiple scores with a just few minutes left, that they have to go as quickly as possible. If they were to take their time and wait until after the two-minute warning to pick up the pace, then they probably aren’t going to have the opportunity to get the ball back.”
This has been an issue for years, and it’s about time – forgive the pun – it was rectified. Just maybe without the aid of Kyle Shanahan and Matt Ryan.
Are these thoughts as same as you expected before? Since it is the same idea from so many Madden fans, Presumably, Developers will think about it when they are design Madden 18, but we couldn’t confirm they must will adopt these advices, after all,  they are the boss who dominant rules of the game.
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