Faye Update & Albion Online: Now That The Faye Is Available

Currently, the Guard Towers in the red as well as yellow areas of the Royal Continents, you can fight for the Territories. Futhermore, related Faye update has been announced by Sandbox Interactive. Now, it can allow players to use on the servers of the game Albion Online.


Its main novelties focus on the arrival of a new biome, “the forest”, With a mixture of new contents, changes in balance and improvements in general, the Faye update has something for everyone.

In the new biome you will find lots of wood, hidden monsters and even some rocks, but watch out for the forest spirits that wander around. In addition, among other improvements, one can now fight for the Territories of the Guard Towers in the yellow and red areas of the Royal Continents.

The way the Guard Towers area works is being slightly adjusted, with effect throughout the world of Albion. Only members of the occupation guild can collect resources in these territories, and receive additional bonuses in the collection mode. In addition to this, for this new update, you would be find a new soundtrack, new sound effects as well as other new features.

NBA 2K17 36 Different College Teams: Playable Ways

For those players who are keen on playing with their favorite college teams, a good news appeared. In accordance to a community uploader, a download was made available, it can allow you to acquire all 36 teams as well as 198 players.


The uploader, who goes by the name ‘SkillazKill’, has done an impressive job of creating the universities with their exact logos, uniforms and updated rosters. The download also delivers exact arenas and iconic college coaches such as Jim Boeheim, John Calipari and Mike Krzyzewski. Gamers need to follow five simple steps to create a complete college mode.

Step 1: Visit the MyGM or MyLeague mode.
Step 2: Under either mode, pull up the option of “Custom Rosters”
Step 3: Seek the username “SkillazKill” or the content ID “College Roster 2K17”
Step 4: Now, simply click the option of “Custom League” and start a regular season.
Step 5: Under the “Setup Options”, choose season length 35 games (for exact real life
college basketball experience), quarter length 10 minutes, select “On” under the
option “Normalize Played to Sim Stats/Minutes”.
Step 6: Ensure that you turn off features such as “League Expansion”, “Salary Cap”,
“Hard Cap”, “Trade Logic” and “Progressive Fatigure”
Step 7: Select “All Teams” and advance.
Step 8: Now, you need to download a team
Step 9: Repeat this process for all teams.
Step 10: You’re all set

Remember, this upgrade would only allow you to play with college teams in either the MyLeague or MyGM mode. These custom teams can’t be used in any of the online modes or other regular offline modes like Play NBA Today, etc.

NBA 2K17: All-Time College Bundle

Remember, this year NBA 2K17 already offered gamers an “All-Time College Bundle” worth $14.99 which lets them play with schools such as UConn, Georgetown, Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan State Spartans, Oklahoma, Texas and Wake Forest.

In the MyCareer mode, the above mentioned teams are also a portion of the college college quotient, nonetheless, for the developers of the game, they couldn’t secure licenses for all 36 schools. Meanwhile, if comparable to last year’s game, which saw teams confined to the MyCareer mode, it’s said to that it can play with your favorite schools in Play Now Online or even offline modes.

Trophy List Was Revealed By NBA 2K17 In Gameplay World

With time pushing, video gaming have evolved, what’s more, in a virtual reality platform, many of which have been introduced. However, for a sport mainstreamed video gaming, virtual reality incorporated is still unattainable. We can hardly control our excitement for buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.


Perhaps it may because of the questions on licensing, or would virtual reality gameplay is the real deal for these games? Many theories have said that sports and virtual reality is a poor fit to be presented in a playable gameplay. But 2K Sports’ “NBA 2K17” series seems to break this barrier.

Introducing “NBA 2K17” series in a virtual experience for PlayStation 4. Although this gameplay leak has not been announced by 2K Sports, the introduction of virtual reality to the NBA 2k series was discovered through a trophy list leak discovered by Exophase (via Pasta Padre).

There are 13 trophy achievements. Although these trophies do not comprise a full delivery of “NBA 2k17” intro a virtual reality experience, the Achievement guide seems to be more of series of minigames. Fueled Up unlocked through consuming every type of boost, and complete a game with each boost, in a Solo mode. Tricked Out is achieved when unlock all Skills Challenge Courses.

Time Lord is achieved through a catch-to-release time of less than 10.0 seconds and never miss a shot, on Pro or All-Star difficulty in Buzzer Beater Sink King is unlocked when completing a Time Attack game without missing a single shot with at least 15 successful baskets.

Finally, for Missin, in a course 10 of skills challenge on All-Star difficulty, Missin can be complete it. Moreover, he never miss any chance. Speaking of those trophy achievements, almost are played in a Solo mode. In accordance to 2K, regarding NBA 2K17 more details was’t announced anything. Nonetheless, these anticipations presumably come out few months from now. Here is cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.

Albion Online: The Introduction Of Brutus

Currently, thanks to Sandbox Interactive, MMO was launched with a major update entitled, it was called Brutus. In addition to this, the game also added significant content, there are mass of changes after testing the novelties, the community of the game should be included.



Once again, here is an addition that sounds nothing, and yet that has caused a thunderous clap of applause from all players. It was indeed incongruous not to be able to invite players into friends, if only to communicate, organize dungeon trips.


This time it is possible to better organize the contents of its coffers thanks to the functions “stack” and “sort”. A little addition very similar to the previous one and also extremely useful, so much could be wasted time searching for objects scattered everywhere.


This may be part of the small additions that some might consider “minor”, yet this is a feature popular with the gaming community and greatly appreciated. Indeed, it is now possible to repair all its stuff with a single click when it was necessary until then to move piece by piece all the elements on the repair table.

NBA 2K17 Details: Every NBA Team Bad Contracts

In fact, it’s safe to say that every GM makes mistakes, nonetheless, some GMs make more mistakes than others. Sometimes, they are collected under cool as well as prefessional-sounding names such as “the Process”, in addition to this, others are committed by the Knicks. More players are focused greatly on buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.


In NBA 2K you’re presented with a chance of fixing those mistakes or – more often than you might think – making them actually worse. Despite your best intentions it might turn out that the players don’t play well together and/or there are some playing time/training issues that you’ll need to address. In addition, a significant problem need to addressed, which is buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

Fortunately, in the reality of NBA 2K there’s always a buyer who’ll free you of a problematic contract, and in the case of the following players, that buyer will come in very useful.

These deals are bad only because they were given to unproven players. Otherwise it would be tempting to put Howard above – or in this case, beyond – these two, but his contract is the price you have to pay for great defensive big men in the NBA.

For the Hawks, it’s over the salary cap by $5M, to that end, it would be better for you to move one of these two, Schroder is coming into his own in real life, however, due to the salary cap on the line in the game, for a slightly worse players, they have less money, and which is the best way to go. If you attempt to keeping the German point guard, in other word, trade Bazemore, may be OK, nonetheless, at this stage of his development, it’s not worth that type of money. How to smoothly play gameplay, the best way to buy cheap NBA 2K17 PS4 in advance.

NBA 2K17 Guide: Shooting Guard Archetypes

In 2K Games’ NBA 2K17, Before one can be a shooting guard master, first of all, you need to be aware of how to learn the various archetypes, just like the final stepping stone of all stepping stones. To that end, in the game’s MyPlayer mode, if you are eager to build a career, needless to say, you indeed need this guide. Additionally, do you know how to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT?


What Are NBA 2K17 Archetypes

In its most organic form, archetypes in NBA 2K17 refer to various preset playing types or styles for characters created in MyPlayer. Since you want to ensure that things go the way you want it to be, you need to select an archetype that suits to your liking. Otherwise, you will have a hard time on the court. To give you a concrete knowledge of what these are, they’re listed below.

NBA 2K17 Shooting Guard Archetype Sharpshooter

This NBA 2K17 SG archetype here can be best performed by the Warriors’ Klay Thompson, one of the Splash Brothers. Sharpshooters are fond of roaming the perimeter, getting themselves ready for a shot. Obviously (and by default), they won’t have that leverage when driving to the basket. But make no mistake, they can be very deadly from way downtown. To veer away from possible blocks and/or contests, it’s best to make your player a bit taller (anything over, but not under, 6’0″ should do). Thanks to NBA 2K17 MT PC, plently of players can experience so fun gameplay.

NBA 2K17 Shooting Guard Archetype Shot Creator

If you want to create a NBA 2K17 player just like DeMar DeRozan, then you need to opt with this archetype. This one here allows you to find and create a hole, one that will enable you to put the balls on the basket. When your team, out of luck, happens to be struggling, you can move mountains. You definitely can create shots out of the blue, capable of bringing your team to victory. As for its size, there’s not a single measure that’s really recommended.

NBA 2K17 Shooting Guard Archetype LockDown Defender

If you’re the kind of NBA 2K17 player who wants to run and defend, then this archetype is best for you. The LockDown Defender, as the name suggests, is packed with various athletic abilities. Your work of miracles here will be passing lanes and/or getting various steals (and even forcing turnovers). The ideal height would be anything from 6’3″ to 6’5″. Either of these sizes will give you enough speed power to run from one point to another.

NBA 2K17 Shooting Guard Archetype Playmaker

Being a playmaker in NBA 2K17 isn’t a hard thing to do, but it definitely requires a few tricks. Think about James Harden here, the kind of superstar who can make any difficult plays easy. This archetype allows you to have the ability to be able to put shots in any area in the court. And since your opponent want to cease you, you’ll have the ability to create another player — something that defines you as a playmaker. Any height measurement of over 6’0″ is already ideal.

NBA 2K17 Shooting Guard Archetype Slasher

In this NBA 2K17 archetype, you can take Chicago Bulls’ Dwayne Wade as a perfect example. Remember that the superstar is fond of driving his way to the basket, getting points from within. The Slasher is more about making layups and finishing close range shots. But since you’re likely to hit the big guys, you need to have adequate strength. The key here is to find the perfect weight and height. Remember that the bigger you are, the slower you’ll be (and vice versa). So, if you want to keep things in between, balance these measurements. Recommended you access official websites to get more: https://www.u4nba.com.

Albion Online & Elaine: Highlands Was Introduced

Albion Online has been released with Elaine a new, big update for the Sandbox-MMORPG, regarding the update and detail introduced Highlands Biom. For this new landscape, it offers hills full of lush meadows, green forests as well as rushing streams. Residents of Albion Online attempt to settling here. More cheap coins for sale like cheapest albion silver,don’t miss buy it.


Because the country offers many opportunities to build farms. But the mysterious Keeper have so far prevented any attempt to settle. This is the reason why there are also the remains of these attempts at settlement. In accordance to some gamers, they said: We are very happy to get cheapest albion online silver.

Albion Online Farming IslandThe Keeper are coming

The kepers have dedicated themselves to preserving nature and are also the guardians of powerful artefacts. In addition to the Highlands and Keepers, the update also introduces 21 new “Hell Artifact” items.

Additionally, for the marsh biomass, it has been reworked, what’s more, you will now meet animals and creatures, there are lots of bugfixes. Full Albion Online Details or latest news, you can head over to: UPAlbion.com.

Albion Online & Elaine: New Biomass, Artefacts And Guardians

When it comes to the final beta phase of Albion Online, it has got the first content update, for the patch, it’s named for Elaine. In addition, Here are the artifacts as well as the group of the guardians in the bag next to the new Biomergol. Cheap gold for sale, including cheap albion online gold.


Developer Sandbox Interactive has donated the first content update to the final beta phase of Albion Online. The patch listens to the name Elaine and brings the following three features to the servers, in addition to numerous bug fixes and balancing adjustments:

New Group for Albion Online: The Guardians

The guardians of Albion are huge people and live in harmony with nature. All they know they’ve learned from the animals and the magic around them. On guardians one meets in the Hochl?nder and the coming forest biom, where with all their power they protect the nature from intruders. Albion Online players are looking forward to acquire cheapest albion silver.

Albion Online also gets powerful artefacts

Both the Guardians and the Demons from the depths of Hell have items from which you can create powerful artifacts. A total of 28 artefacts await you, including 20 weapons, 4 sidehand items, and 4 armor sets.

New Biom for Albion Online: The Highlanders

The highlands of Albion are a large, green oasis, full of hills, streams and waterfalls. In the highlands you can find the resources stone, ore and wood. They are also the home of the Heretic and the Guardian faction. If you want to know more about Albion Online, visit our theme page: UPAlbion.com.