FIFA 15 recently revealed the Team of the Year for Ultimate Team

The development team at EA Sports is not content with launching two full teams for fans of the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15 that you can have some FIFA 15 coins to play this week and is delivering a new video linked to the game, which is designed to offer more information about the impact that formation choice will have on the way each player approaches the football sim.

The footage is packed with a look at some of the most solid ways in which a team can be organized and shows which advantages and weaknesses gamers need to be aware of and how various player roles need to be tweaked.

The studio reveals that 4-1-2-1-2 is the formation that FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players use the most and apparently it offers solid results because gamers can use the midfield to quickly play through balls or develop action on the flanks while taking advantage of the number of attackers to overwhelm an opposing team.

Of course, gamers are free to evaluate more than one formation before choosing which is best suited to their playstyle and the company encourages all those playing to share their best setup with the rest of the community.

FIFA 15 recently revealed the Team of the Year for Ultimate Team, which features some of the biggest stars of modern football and is available for gamers.Check the video below to see more detail information.

Elche moved off the foot of the standings courtesy of a 2-1 victory


Barcelona produced one of their best performances of the season on Sunday night to beat Spanish La Liga hampions Atletico Madrid 3-1 at the Nou Camp – and move within a point of leaders Real Madrid.

Neymar put the hosts ahead after 12 minutes and Luis Suarez doubled their advantage before the break. Mario Mandzukic pulled one back for Diego Simeone’s side after Lionel Messi had given away a penalty, but the Argentinian sealed the points for the Catalan outfit late on with a close-range finish.

Elsewhere, Sevilla climbed up to fourth place thanks to a 2-0 win at Almeria. Vicente Iborra opened the scoring for the visitors in the 58th minute and Coke wrapped up the points with Sevilla’s second goal five minutes later.

The result put Unai Emery’s side two points behind third-placed Atletico, while Almeria remained just two points clear of the bottom three.

Fran Rico rescued a much-needed point as his Granada side claimed a 1-1 draw against Real Sociedad at Los Carmenes. Carlos Vela handed the visitors the lead by converting a penalty ten minutes before the break but Rico equalised, also from the spot, deep into the second half.

The point left Granada two points from safety at the bottom, while David Moyes’ side moved up a position to 12th – but just two points behind ninth-placed Celta Vigo.

Elche moved off the foot of the standings courtesy of a 2-1 victory at Athletic Bilbao. Victor Rodriguez put the visitors ahead in the 17th minute at San Mames and Faycal Fajr doubled their advantage eight minutes into the second half.

Mikel San Jose pulled a goal back in the 73rd minute but that was as good as it got for the hosts, as Elche – thrashed 5-0 by Barcelona in the Copa del Rey in midweek and beset by financial troubles – held on for only their third win in La Liga this term. More news you can veiw FIFA15-Coin.

Australia captain Mile Jedinak may boast an unassuming


Australia captain Mile Jedinak may boast an unassuming and calm demeanour off the field, but the Sydneysider plays with a classic lead-by-example style when he steps over the white line. Jedinak assumed the captain’s armband last year ahead of Brazil 2014 to join an elite group of Australians to have led the national team at the FIFA World Cup™: Lucas Neill, Mark Viduka and Peter Wilson. Vome here to own some FIFA 15 coins to play in FIFA 15.


While Jedinak may not have the star power of his predecessors, he lacks little for inspirational qualities and sheer will to win. While the defensive midfielder can often be seen breaking down opposition attacks or putting in a decisive tackle, he is equally adept at opening a defence with a single pass or scoring from distance with his fierce shooting.


Jedinak has become a fans’ favourite at Crystal Palace where his modest profile outside south London contrasts with his immense value to the team. Last October Jedinak outshone the numerous headline names of the English Premier League by being named the competition’s best player based on statistics.


Now the 30-year-old is set for another milestone moment as Australia hosts the AFC Asian Cup for the first time commencing with the tournament opener against Kuwait today. Jedinak became an entrenched member of the national team line-up four years ago at Qatar 2011, where he scored his first international goal against Korea Republic. And he will have the opportunity to reprise that feat when the Socceroos tackle the Koreans and also Oman over the coming week in Group A.

Tricks to deal with the TOTY Market Crash


Due to a huge influx of Market Crash squads in the last 1-2 weeks I have come across many of those unsure as to exactly what the Market Crash is. Let me explain.

The Market Crash is a term used to describe the period between Mid-December to Mid-January, in which the price of almost every item on the Ultimate Team market will come crashing down due to a much large supply of cards than demand for them.

The FIFA Team of The Year (TOTY) is released into packs (usually) during the second week of January.It is the second stage to the Market Crash. During this time, huge amounts of Ultimate Team users open packs to try and obtain the rarest of players in Ultimate Team which will go for extautionate amounts of cheap fifa 15 coins. The players that people don’t want to keep will be released onto the market, again causing a flooding effect and again causing prices to drop. During the release of TOTY, any members of the squad with TOTY Cards will NOT have their regular cards in packs, so these players will most likely drop a little in price before TOTY is announced and people start buying them up and spiking their prices to try and make a profit while their regular cards are out of packs. This can be a great way to make coins but also quite volatile as players can rise in price and then miss out on TOTY and DROP SIGNIFICANTLY in price. If you’re a bit of a risk taker, this might be a good method for you to try, but if you want to secure your coins and minimise your loss… I wouldn’t recommend this.

So, what advice do I have for you to help you through this period and help you avoid losing incredible amounts of coins on your favourite players? Simple, buy players that go for as close to discard price as possible, and sell all your expensive players (with the debatable exception of In Form cards). I’m not saying go and build non-rare teams, although those are never bad. You can still buy rare players and lose very little when you get round to selling them on, or discarding them. When buying non-rare gold players you’ll be looking at buying players as close to discard value as possible (300 coins) and for rares it’s 600 coins. Obviously you’re not going to get great players for dead on discard value, so you’re going to have to pay a little extra for the slightly better players but if you don’t care about losing a total of about 1-2K across a full squad, why not splash out that tiny bit extra? After all, if you play enough games you’re going to make that money back anyway.

what’s my best advice? Sell the high value players, buy the discard value players, at least until about Mid to Late-January when the market has started to stabilise again. I’m not saying that you’re not going to lose coins but if you stick closely to this type of formula you’ll be able to build some great squads when expensive player prices have dropped by a bomb. Thanks for reading and I hope this has been of some use to you 🙂 Happy New Year and I wish you all some Pack Luck over the Holiday season 😀

FUT 15 TOTY Striker Prediction:Strongest strikers list


The 5 strongest strikers in FIFA Ultimate Team 15 (FUT 15). Which players got the highest rankings from EA? Which player is the best option for your own squad?

5. Alexandr Bukharov: This Russian center forward, who plays for FC Rostov, has also a strength of 94. He is after Bony the best player in this top 5, if you take his other ratings in account. His overall rating of 72 makes him a decent striker for a silver Russian squad.

4. Wilfried Bony: This is in my opinion a really good buy, if you have a BPL team. Especially when you are good in corner kicks, Bony can score them easily. His strength of 94, matched with his Heading Accuracy of 84, makes him one of the greater dangers in the penalty area. Also his Shot Power of 89 is amazing, and that all for a player with an average value of 1900.

3. Omar al Soma: Again, a not so famous player from Syria, who plays for Al-Ahli. With a strength of 94, he is really strong, but his other ratings doesn’t compare to that. Because of his low ratings, he is only a 63.

2. Matt Rhead: Matt Rhead, the striker from Mansfield Town, is only famous for his amazing strength (94). This is by far his best rating, because he is only a 55 bronze card overall. His average price lies around the 200 coins, so it’s not a good option to buy.

1. Adebayo Akinfenwa: This player is known by almost every FIFA player. His strength, 97, makes him also the strongest player in the whole game. This is a big advantage if you want to play with the forward from AFC Wimbledon, but he has only an overall rating of 62…

Among the top 5 strongest strikers,who will be the FUT 15 TOTY strikers in your mind? You are welcome to share your mind with us,Cheers!

FIFA’s dominance means mistake

FIFA’s dominance means they must have the cream of the crop working for them, right? Wrong. Every year the game has glitches and problems that, to a less than expert gamer even, look simple to eradicate. All this before the players’ ratings are taken into consideration. Do you have a expert gamer with enough FIFA 15 coins in FIFA 15 to play with your best friends or your family.


Of course, a dodgy looking player rating isn’t entirely EA’s fault. A player can rope them in with a string of fine displays before going on the most barren of spells that leaves fans and pundits bewildered.

These players, that have often just secured a big move after becoming too ‘good’ for their old club, make chairman, managers, supporters and game developers look like morons. It’s a weird food-chain of unfulfilled promise.

Lionel Messi – 93
The man who has been the face of the FIFA games for the last few years is overrated in FIFA 15. There can’t be any denying it.

For at least a year now, Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has had the better of the Argentine in almost every facet of the game. Ronaldo has scored more goals and won more cups.

However, Lionel did outshine Cristiano at last summer’s World Cup in Brazil but even so, that’s not worthy of having a better rating than the current Ballon d’Or winner.

We will give you some advice for FIFA 15 to play

You don’t want to spent money on FUT but still want to managed to use players like Ronaldo and TOTY Ibra?  Following our basic advice help you play FIFA game better.

fifa 151 1024x576 FIFA Player Will Have Some Basic Advice  in New Year

1.Obviously, do not buy packs. They are just a waste of FIFA 15 coins. You think you might pull something good, but realistically there are only a handful of truly valuable players and your odds of getting one of them are miniscule. Instead of looking at packs as a fun gamble, just think of it as discarding 3-5k coins every time you open a premium gold. Maybe that will help you resist the urge.


2.Not as obvious, but don’t buy contracts or fitness cards. I haven’t bought any all year. They’re just coin sinks. Buy backups so you can rest your starters when they run out of fitness. Buy your players for at least 5% less than the lowest BIN on open bid with extra contracts. Sell them when they get low on contracts and buy them back again. If you pay attention to market trends, you can always buy when prices are low (such as during pack promotions or on Wednesday shortly after the TOTW is released) and sell when prices spike (such as Friday-Saturday at roughly 11 am PST).


3.Buy catalogue pack boosts. If you have a high EA football club level, that will get you something like 40-50k just in bonuses. That’s enough to get started trading. From there you have a few options. See below.


4.Pick one racket and grind it hard. Early in FIFA 15′s release, I would buy lots of CF Cerci cards, buy lots of CF –> CAM cards, conver my Cerci cards to CAM, and then re-list at a big mark-up. I would make 10k per hour doing this, which was a big help in getting me off the ground this year. In previous FIFAs I have specialized in cheap, but popular players like Welliton, Doumbia, and Nilmar. You could try your luck with managers, as they can’t be searched by name and thus are off limits for autobuyers. I know that I have been able to get Wenger at cheap times for like 500-800 coins and sell him for 1.5k at peak times. The bottom line is pick one area of emphasis and grind it hard.


5.Another thing you can do is buy during crashes. During the FUTmas pack specials, I bought a full Bundesliga team with guys like Reus, Lewa, Alaba, Gotze, and Piszczek. Two days later that team had already gone up by 50-60k in value total. Easy money. Prices fall during crashes, but rise quickly thereafter.


6.The other main thing is just to buy IF cards at the low point of release and then sit on them for a couple weeks. I’ve done this with players like Herrmann and Lichtsteiner. Bough mass quantities when they hit rock bottom after 4-5 days of being in packs. Held them for 7-10 days. Sold for huge profits. It’s easy money and there’s no basically no risk. Once you have your first 100-200k, it is really easy to make coins. At this point just coasting and you’ll have over a million in no time.