What’s the FUT15 fitness

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If you know how to manage your players’ fitness,it would be one of the keys to becoming successful on fifa15 ultimate team.New we will introduce the FUT fitness at first.

Fitness is an English word that means “being in good shape”. It is directly related to one’s agility, speed, body balance and motor coordination.

In FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, just like its predecessors, the fitness is numerically measured on a scale of 1 to 99. 99 corresponds to a player’ s ideal physical condition. It’s the highest fitness possible. 1 corresponds to a critical state you’re not going to want to be familiar with.

There are several ways to visualize a player’s fitness:

Before starting the match

Active Squad Screen – RS right or left
Active Squad Screen – select player – Player Details (RS/R3)


Blue bar above the player name
Pause – Green bar above the player name
Pause – Team Management – Squad – (Select Player)

During a match, each player has two fitness bars: the instant bar, represented by a blue bar that goes red in extreme situations; and the accumulated, represented by a white bar overlaid by the blue bar. The first decreases during the sprints, ball disputes or other efforts, and then it regenerates. The second will gradually reduce over a game and serves as a ceiling for the instant fitness bar.

A careful analysis to the following image helps to clarify any questions. The game runs from 1 to 5 and, as you can see, the biggest of the bars is getting smaller. In 1, the bar is almost complete. The only reason to not be completely full is because the player did not start the game with fitness 100. Unlike what happens in 3, in 2 the player is running and therefore is momentarily more tired, ie, less able to continue to make efforts. However, the white bar is bigger which means that with a little rest he will be in better condition than in 3. In 4 he is very close to having to leave the game because he can not make efforts for a long time any more. He gets tired easily. Finally, in 5 the player reached the limit situation. He has to leave or he will get injured.

A player’s performance on the pitch depends basically on four factors:

– controller’s and opponent’s skills;
– attributes (including work rate, weak foot and star skills);
– chemistry (individual and the squad’s, in addition to the chemistry style);
– and fitness.
There is a lot of discussion on the first three factors. Players tend to improve their playing skills looking for the best player cards and building squads with maximum chemistry, but not always they give the players’ fitness proper attention. This one is definitely the most ignored but it shouldn’t be. A player with very low fitness will have poor performance. His movements will be slower and obviously he won’t be able to keep up with the team mates and opponents. Besides, he’s more likely to get injured. With defective fitness, Cristiano Ronaldo may look like a bronze player.