How to perfectly Perform Free Kick in FIFA 15 PS 4

fifa 15No matter you are new to FIFA 15 PS 4 or a total football enthusiast, you cannot ignore the importance of free kicks. Here I will show varied methods of taking free kicks and different strategies to help you score effectively and win FIFA 15 coins easily.

FIFA 15 Free kicks will happen when players commit a foul. It is divided into two kinds, direct free kicks and indirect ones. The former one means free kicks taker can kick the ball directly to the goal while the latter is not.Usually these occasions are quite uncommon and are rare treats in a FIFA 15 match which can easily turn the tables of a heated match.

Three Kinds of FIFA 15 PS 4 Free Kicks
Dipping Free Kicks
This is the best possible method of taking a free kick in FIFA 15 PS 4. In order to execute this kick, you need to press B/Circle button and push the left analogue stick in the forward direction.

Attention that make sure you’re not too far away from the box, kick power must not exceed fifty per cent of the total power, and rotate the camera on the left side players to make the most out of these.

Curved Free Kicks
These should also be taken from near the goal just like the dipping free kicks. You need to confirm that the kick taker has decent passing accuracy and you’ll be fine. To do these types of free kicks, you need to press LB/L1 and then press B/Circle on the consoles.

Quick Free Kicks
This is basically to catch your opponents off guard. In case, you’re in the lead, try and go for a quick restart instead of waiting too long. You can also stand idle and the game will eventually present the standard free kick procedure.

In order to go for a quick restart in FIFA 15 PS 4, you can press any button and go for it. You can call the 2nd player by pressing LT/L2 and call in the third player by pressing RB/R2.

Top 10 FIFA 15 Free Kicks Masters
1. Andrea Pirlo
2. Sejad Salihovi?
3. Lionel Messi
4. Juan Arango
5. Wesley Sneijder
6. Rasmus Elm
7. Francesco Lodi
8. Be?at
9. Alberto Costa
10.Marco Reus

The most expensive player in FUT 15 would be Robben

fifa 15 robben

As you know,there is a assembles about the best players from international and club competition around the world each week from FIFA Ultimate Team.Can you believe that Robben was chosen in the week team again?And his stats improved again. As for the current market price, the Robben would be the most expensive player in the transfer market.

Robben, has won the champion of Premier League, La Liga,Bundesliga, Eredivisie. He was representative of Netherlands played 3 World Cup, 3 European Cup, and scored goal for three consecutive times. He is the best assists in Dutch teams, and the second shooter in Dutch’s World Cup history.

Technical Features: long-range attacks, wing assault, cut inside on the right ,beat an opponent consecutively,long pass

Most of players are concerned why Robben won the second black card, because last week’s 2016 European Championship qualifier in
Amsterdam Arena, Dutch won Latvia with 6:0. The Robben sent assists for Van Persie to break the deadlock, then scored again, helping the team win the game easily.

Are you impressed by his charisma?If you want buy the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team black cards or fifa15 coins, would glad to provide you the cheapest and safetest Coins with instant delivery. Online service can help you solve problems quickly,too.

A companin of windows phone for FIFA15

fifa 15

Do you know about windows phone?A companion for FIFA 15,it’s a cost-free app that allows you to make the most of your management skills when you’re from your console, whether Xbox or PlayStation. To utilize the FIFA Ultimate Group features you must have a FIFA Ultimate Crew Club in FIFA 15.

The FIFA 15 Companion mobile app requires you to have an Origin account attached to FIFA 15 and permits you to manage your Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere! You can manage your FIFA Greatest Team Squads by optimising Chemistry, Formations, and Athletes, as well as discover and bid on players in the FUT Move Market. If you’re looking to spend some of the money earned within the game you can Purchase packs from the FUT Store, or you can raise cash by selling players on your Transfer list. Essentially, it allows you to do all the back-room stuff you need to do to manage your squad, so that when you’re in front of your console you can get on with the fun stuff and play the game.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 15 Companion is available in Italian, German, French, Spanish and English and Dutch. Before you can start using the app you need to have a FIFA 15 team up and running. To do this create your club in FIFA 15 for Xbox One, Xbox 360,PlayStation4 and PlayStation3, or PC, create your FUT Security Question, then log in to the app to access the FIFA Ultimate Team features! We’ve been checking out FIFA 15 Companion on our Nokia Lumia 635, so we know it works on Windows Phone devices with 512MB of RAM, as well as on our Lumia 735 with 1GB of RAM and found the app offers the same great functionality on both phones.

FIFA 15 Companion is a free 9MB download from the Windows Phone Store.

Do you know these things in fifa15?

fifa15_pl_1920x1080_v21-600x330 (1)

At this moment,the visuals are sharper than the quite sharpest pin and Ultimate Team stays as obsessive as ever. However,you will still find some things that depart our knuckles white while we crush the controller in frustration. These are no longer news,for example,why is the commentator saying the same over and over again? Why can all the strikers struck the ball harder making use of their heads than their ft?

Every single goalkeeper is currently as good as Tim Howard, only nine times out of twenty

The latest keepers have been made more sensible, in a whole lot as they change their kind of save and run out more, simply to either alter their mind and backtrack or endeavor a leaping punch. However, they’re now ridiculously hard to beat. Flame 20 possible goal of your years their way, in a row, and they’ll accomplish inhuman will save you. Yet they will then randomly let in the daisy cutter from a unusual angle or mess up a basic punch. In other words, they’ve all become Robert Green. The search for the perfect FIFA goalie continues.

Latency troubles. Sorry, what did you say?

The last thing you would like in a quick-paced sport is everything cold and reducing, but that is exactly what took place on the discharge of FIFA 15, leading to uproar from end users experiencing lag issues when playing on the web. However, a week ago the FIFA 15 1.02 update went stay, featuring a latency checker for Ultimate Crew, allowing you to perspective connection energy before getting caught into on-line play. Ideally that’ll set at least a few of those frustrating delay issues to sleep.

Commentators have the same quips over and over

Regardless of whether you enjoy or loathe Martin Tyler and Alan Smith’s chat, there’s no denying the new powerful dialogue easily becomes strenuous. As part of the mar towards best realism, the pair talk about mentions of history World Mug, recent team-certain struggles, sadnesses at Liverpool’s lack of silverware… but incredibly all this appears to do is make it a lot more obvious when they’re reiterating the same viewing for the 5th game in a row.

Headers remain too powerful

Headers have a bit more to them, making them trickier to master. In spite of this, if the opposing team includes a Fellaini in the box as well as a cross is whipped together with which his fluffy brain connects, 9 times away from ten the ball’s starting the back of your net with the speed of light. It is as if the ball’s been punched by Superman, instead of the skull of a Belgian by using a perm.


One of the biggest shifts in the most recent FIFA will come in the form of tactical defending, which to us translates as ‘really hard defending’. Unless you’re in exactly the appropriate spot you won’t dispossess your opponent, allowing them to run through on goal with alarming regularity.You can also devote five minutes going after a gamer without a hope of nudging them off of the ball, which can be good only because the FIFA 15 refs can’t await a reason to transmit you off of.Know more about fifa15,click here.

How Can You Get FIFA 15 Coins Fast and Easy

fifa 15 tips

For the majority of FIFA 15 online players often encounter the same problem: how to get fifa 15 coins fast and easy? If you do not find the right way to make money, that would be very tired and feel wasted a lot of time, also has been a lack of enough support UT team coins. Today we teach you some methods to earn coins and build your perfect FIFA 15 ultimate team.

Understanding the well-known anchor which time to open the card
We all know that YouTube has a lot to open the card for the rich, they often take away the card to entertain, so this give us a way to gain coins. When open some of players and props they do not need, many of them directly to the players and props will be sold off at the auction house. So we can find out the cheap players, and through an appropriate time to sell, you can easily earn what we need coins.

Understanding the football situation to choose earn fifa 15 coins
FIFA 15 Ultimate Teams weekly introduction to the best team in football matches, choose through the week to play the best players. We can focus on the football news, when a player has a great play, he will appear in this week’s FUT best lineup; when players become the best player, the price will certainly be price increases, if we advance with the appropriate the price to buy it, and then through the market suitable high price to sell it. This way to earn coins is very rich.

Trading Gold Team
This is a good method for the initial players with few coins. We need to be prepared to use less than 350 coins to buy 11 different locations of non-rare gold players, the key is to use the 350 coins to buy, as long as this price, you buy will not lose money. After buying the market price to sell it through a low 50 coins, coins will be able to get rich.

Buy normal-gold players to play the game
This method is compared above several methods will need more time, we are level 10 when just entered the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, this level of the game is relatively easy; we can choose 11 players kick 150-350 coins competition. When you win, we can get a wealth of coins.

Through the morning to find players when sleep
This approach is great, because when a lot of players sell players, Starting Price prefer to use the lowest; Duration will use 6-12 hours, which will be an opportunity, when a value of 5W player, he initial price of 600, when the auction time stamp for six hours at 20:00; this player’s auction price only to 2-3W to 0:00, but many online players are ready for bed, the player might have been forgotten even sellers, you can intercept the players at the last minute, and then sold through value 5W or 4.9W. Is not that very rich? Enjoy your game !

Apply the Last Minute Method to Gain more FIFA 15 Coins

fifa 15 coins Making FIFA 15 coins is not as hard as you thought. One of the most used methods is the last minute method and it is also the easiest. Learn what you should do to make FIFA coins with this strategy and maximize your profit.

You are trying to take full advantage of many great opportunities in the auction’s last minute in this strategy. Once you have paid much attention to those auctions which are going to end and once you own good knowledge of the market of FIFA ultimate team, you are able to filter and then bid the best cards. This strategy works only when there are some cards auctioned at rather attractive prices and the auction remains only one minute. Yes, there will actually be.

For many times, price remains low till the end since many people are applying this strategy. They knew that once they bid too early before the auction ending, they will finally be overcome. That is the reason why they are waiting for the last minute to purchase the cards that they need.

There are 3 primary reasons why the sellers place these cards with the prices that are far below the real market value. First and commonly, they might not know the FIFA ultimate team market well. And they might set the prices by mistake or this is their selling strategy. The fact is that it has been proven that those low initial prices cards often end up with being sold for more FIFA coins. It always happens as they call much attention to the people who just start the contest, which exceed the amount they will offer by identical cards.

Many FIFA ultimate team gamers didn’t need articles to explain the way to make FIFA coins by this strategy. It is very intuitive that we just do as the matter of learn all of the methods to make FIFA ultimate team coins. To make use of this strategy, it is just to go to the auctions that are going to end and bid the cards which are undervalued. This strategy is almost opposite from the popular 59th minute method.

This strategy is virtually inexhaustible and simple to use. However, it works only when the people get deep knowledge about FIFA ultimate team market. The FIFA coins profits would arise while often in some small doses. You’ll need to spend much time to gain FIFA coins in your interesting amounts. However, this strategy also has a disadvantage of the bid jacking danger. You have to be very careful to ensure that the prices you are going to bid are really the ones you want to pay.

Applying More Trading Strategies to Earn More FIFA 15 Coins

fifa 15 coins

Giving cards visibility in FIFA ultimate team is helpful in trading for cheap FIFA 15 coins. Say if you have a store, most of time it would stay open. You will get more chances to sell if you open it for longer. It is just the same with FIFA ultimate team. You will earn more FIFA 15 coins if you have more availability.

When most FIFA ultimate team gamers are looking for cards, they didn’t go beyond 60th minute page. Since you will intend to become an excellent trader, what you should do is giving the cards bigger visibility. You will sell more cards if there are more people seeing them. To do this you’d better have the cards available during higher time between 1st hour auctions.

Just as it looks like to be obvious, you only have to list the cards with preset duration, an hour, and then resell them when auction duration expires. What is better, reselling them when there isn’t any bidder and immediately switching to the others as soon as it was sold if it did happen before 60th minute. It is apparently the perfect situation. Once you could do this, you will be rich of FIFA coins in the moment.

However, there is hardly a person could have sufficient availability to renew auctions each hour in a whole day. It is something what always should be done it is possible. When it is impossible, you’d better define this duration due to those times you will be away. When you are to sleep, for example, set this auction to six hours. Doing this you will make these cards to be available for a longer amount of time in market and you will be able to renew after you waking up next day.

These are basically 2 gold rules about definition of auction duration: give cards visibility via setting auctions with 1 hour duration and keep always selling. However, there are also exceptions for the rules. For example, imagine that you are to be away for six hours. Normal situation should be setting six-hour duration for the auction. But once you find the last hr of auction would be within the period of small traffic, it might be better to choose the 1 hr duration to gain more visibility. One of the other examples is the occurrence of programmed interruptions in market access. Once your cards will expire in interruption period, you’d better change auction duration to ensure it won’t happen. Listing the card 3 times in the row with 1 hr duration to increase the selling probabilities with about 60% than listing to just 3-hour auction and earn more FIFA coins.

Using trading methods is also important in FIFA ultimate team trading. Once you are willing to increase the FIFA coins profit more, you’d better apply trading methods. It is a good method to know this FIFA ultimate team market with deeper ways. Use them altogether or separately to make as many FIFA coins as you can.

Useful ways to make FFXIV Gil easy and safe

ffxiv gil guide

The FFXIV current has more fun for players and there are a lot of things to buy with your FFXIV Gil. We all know that doing daily quest can get FFXIV Gil. This may be the basic and slow way.Today we will share some basic ways to make ffxiv gil easy and fast.

1.Gathering to get FFXIV Gil
You can easily fish or mine minerals and sell the materials that you gather to people who are going to use them. You’d basically be a botanist or a fisherman, or a miner, and will get all the materials and sell them to those people who are crafting. They are hoping that they can sell their crafted items for more than they bought the materials from you, so everybody is happy. You’re happy because you sold your materials and made ffxiv gil, they’re happy because they made a profit, and the third party is happy because they got whatever they wanted.

2.Crafting to make FFXIV Gil
You can buy materials, or get them from another class, and make them into useful items that people will buy. You would be a Disciple of the Hand, and you’d be a Blacksmith, Weaver, or Alchemist. With materials you’re able to make things that are better – and you’ll be leveling up while you do it too. For the most part, though, the materials cost less than what you sell it for, which means you’ll make a profit.

3.Making FFXIV Gil by doing quests
There are a ton of quests in Final Fantasy that you can do which will give you ffxiv gil. Normally, throughout the regular progression of the game, you don’t run out of ffxiv gil and you make enough as you go. You never have to stop what you’re doing and “farm” Gil because it’s built into the game that you will have enough and get enough. A great way to progressively and passively build Gil would be to always keep anything that may be of value and try to sell it or barter it for something better.

4.Buy FFXIV Gil online
The above ways are the basic and low ways to get FFXIV Gil. The fast and convenient way to get FFXIV Gil is buying it online. Then you need to consider which site is safe to buy cheap ffxiv gil. You should choose the one with good word of mouth. ffxiv4gil shares high praise by players With the good fame.