FIFA 15 Defensive Guide:How to Avoid Overplaying at the Back


We all like to play beautiful football as often as possible in games, so it can be tempting to try something a bit flash even when defending. Maybe a cushioned header to a team-mate in your own box, a quick turn to trick a striker or a flash pass after just winning the ball back in a crowd of players. I’ve done all of those things many times and lost count of the amount of games I’ve handed to my opponents as a result.

I think of this as overplaying in defence – going for something complicated that looks good instead of the ugly but safer option – and it costs goals.

How To Avoid It
What really helped me with this was using the shoot button more in defence. If one of my defenders is competing for a cross then I use the shoot button to head it as far away from danger as possible, rather than trying to direct it to a team-mate with the pass button. Similarly, if I’m in a race with a striker and there’s any doubt at all about being able to control the ball or pass it safely, I use the shoot button to get it away.

Of course, if I can safely control the ball and start an attack then I will do, but if it seems even slightly risky then I take no chances. It isn’t the prettiest tactic but it has made a huge difference in reducing the amount of goals I concede.

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