RS The War Effort introduction

Whether you’re a battle-hardened warrior or peace skiller, there are a lot you can do to help determine the outcome of the birds and beasts. Everything described in this section will help you to camp harvest divine energy and / or hinder the enemy in doing so, thus affecting the overall score factions. At the end of six weeks of activity, with the highest total score (as shown in the bar at the top of the active area of the screen) side will win – and lose God, it will turn off the lights!


Your contribution also won fame, you can spend your reward in the camp quartermaster.

Note that this is a safe event. Whether it is for an NPC or other players – if you are in one significant area of major cities around Runescape die you will work with all your equipment intact reborn in your camp camp.

Once you have talked to Falador northern Kara Meir and choose your side, you are good to get started. Read on to find wiki everything you can do to help all the details.

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