RS would be so popular, and why?

“RuneScape” is jagex LTD developed a real web JAVA online game , the game is in English, in
China there are a small number of players , there is no Chinese version of the game without
a separate download the client , if the computer did not install java controls, the initial
landing game , you will be prompted to install java controls.

It is distributed worldwide server has 159 , most in the U.S., Canada , EU, Australia and
other countries , so their biological clock is the opposite with us , oh , it claims to be
an average of 50W people online , the number is now online 123,017 people, figures released
that it still has some credibility.

Is not it curious that in the end what is attractive to attract so many players and even
gold players into its embrace it?
First, it has a unique user thoughtful design .

The RS Gold as the morning ray of sunshine

Do not underestimate this point , in fact, many times, in order to highlight the details of
the game designers intimate , allowing the player more viscous . Its interface character
design may not be everyone optimistic , but it ‘s 3D design is very good, by the up and
down arrow keys to control , are interested can try, feel the same World of Warcraft is
very similar. Background music is always praised by players , and its real-time map display
lets you mistakenly think you’re playing online games, and not just a game page .

Second, it has a strong buddy system .

It may be friends with everyone finds the system is not the same. When you enter a free
membership when it is then assigned to the speed of the game is more conducive to your
server . Today you may be in Canada tomorrow in the UK, but no matter which server you from
landing, when you get to a certain rating , showing the buddy system , and you can be on
any one of its 159 servers on the server as a player friends , including members of the
server .

He also has some other features waiting for you to discover , that you will not list them .
Buy RuneScape gold, selling RuneScape gold. Let your game you like and enjoy the fun of
life .