You can play a game and show love


Throughout November , the RUNESCAPE community generously donated over $ 90,000 to charity array using the goodwill thing. You chipped contributed tens of thousands of amazing wealth in the game 544 billions that end , Jagex will donate $ 54,479 on your behalf .
You also generously donated over 7,000 bonds, which means an additional top-up $ 36,359 . The total funds raised – $ 90,838 – will be divided among the seven nominated charities : Willow Foundation, special effects , action for children , games, assistance, network Watch Foundation , HART and DEC Philippines typhoon appeal. Please accept our deepest gratitude for your support , no matter how big or small it all helps to make a huge difference to those in need to improve people’s lives .
Your response scale is spectacular, deeply moved , just go once again proven I have always believed : that RUNESCAPE community is warm, generous and free and easy as ever. Well goodwill will continue to stay in the game , but you will not be able to donate items for our present time there are plans to support more charities in the near future in the process . When everything we’ve got to sort, wells will be reopened . is a website that sells a variety of online gaming items to the online gamers, which include RS Gold, SWTOR Credits, Diablo III Gold, FFXIV Gil, and a host of other items. All items are available at cheap prices and they have a round the clock customer support to assist the customers.