Runescape 3 Players Are Against Adding Prestige System?

From the former post, we have know that the new Prestige System, which is about to bring new life to competitive RuneScape levelling and allow high-level players to enjoy the game afresh. It aims at changeing the game style on the top spot, which is gained by the first person who get there, instead of the hardest player.


The Prestige System will allow players to choose any of the current 99s, click a button and reset that skill to level 1. That means players can level it to 99 again. They’d do this because once Prestige goes live, the hiscore table will be sorted firstly by their Prestige level (the number of times you’ve prestiged the skill), then their current level, then their current XP (i.e. the progress they’ve made since they last reset the skill).

According to the newest announcement, over 60% of players voted against the addition of the Prestige System to RuneScape. While it’s clear that many of them want to see aspirational content and competition at the higher end of the game, Prestige isn’t the form that players want to see it in. However, can we dig in a little bit further? Will it consume more runescape 3 gold? Is it too easy for players to finish the tasks or is it not interesting? Perhaps we still have more wonders, this article tries to do some help to tell you why the Prestige System fails to favor most of the Runescape players.