Runescape 3 Great Heist of Guide

Time to head to Senliten. Out of your current location, all you want to do is hug the desert edge until you decide on the pyramid (basically just simply northeast of Ali the Clever). Enter the pyramid just like you did in the Absent My Mummy quest. When inside, head northwest to the upon doors. Pass them and head south to search down the stairs. You’ll should pass the puzzle again. For more information on how to pass the puzzle, visit the Missing My Mummy instruction. Now that you’re across, talk to the Pharaoh Queen.


Your personality will explain everything to your ex. She’ll tell you that you truly are in dark times for someone to achieve this to another. However, she knows of the right way to do what you asked. You’ll have to store the heart in the Canopic Jar she’ll grant you, but, you’ll have to supply the preservations that’ll keep the heart alive. These are: Sacred Oil, 3 Dwellberries, and a ring of Life.

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After she hands an individual the Canopic Jar, she’ll describe what the Dwellberries are for. If you have all your materials, first put in this Sacred Oil. Then put inside Dwellberries followed by the Ring of Life. You should now take over a full jar. Now you must return to Ali the A good idea to see if he has any ideas on how to get further into Zemouregal’s base however. It turns out Ali the Wise did think of some things while you ended up gone. You’ll need Insulated Boots to get past the electrical shocks in the sewer. You’ll also a have to find some way of remotely seeing what exactly is happening in secure areas. For that you’ll need a Macaw summoned. Ultimately, you’ll also need a a new Mithril Grappling Hook, and any Mithril or better Crossbow.