RS3 Requirements for Pyramid Plunder

Access to the city of Sophanem: You can start Little Helper OR have a Pharaoh’s sceptre for access to Sophanem. Level 21 thieving requires.


Under the surface of Sophanem you will find the burial sites of the great pharaohs. If you’re a budding tomb raider like the late Simon Templeton, then come and join us as we raid the pyramids! This pyramid is very dangerous, but may also provide great rewards. To be brave to get your rs gold ready and accepts this challenge!

First off, it’s really best to only do two rooms. In those two rooms, it is suggested that you search all the urns. Just skipping checking for snakes and charming them. If you fail, try again. If you keep failing, you may move on, as this can be aggravating.
Loot the Chest in every room and when you get to the second highest room loot the Chest and the urns until the timer almost reaches the half-way mark. Then move on to the highest level room you can enter and loot the room completely.
Do not loot anything except the chest in the lower level rooms. Once you get to the highest level room you can get into looting all the urns before looting the chest and sarcophagus. Exit the room through the Tomb Door once you have looted the entire room.
Always keep a Pharaoh Spectre if you get one. They can sell for lots of cash to other players. You could even use it to get back to the pyramid faster after re-loading your inventory.