RS3 for Rewards in Player Designed Content

Players should pay attention to the ability also which they can learn from the new contents. Players can use what they have got from these tasks to level up quickly and yo challenge more severe fightings in the most dangerous battlefield. The more dangerous place they choose, the more harmful it is. But respectively, players can get more enormous rewards in the end.


Even if you are free and causal when you vote for your beloved content, you should keep in mind that not all the contents will be chosen to allow you to play in the future, you’d better choose those in which your talent can take to the ultimate advantage of your present level and skills. Besides, though you maybe cannot choose your favorite content in the end, you can benefit most from the content itself. For other alternatives, your vote on these content will mean less than a minimal idea.

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Personally,we feel Runescape team is player-oriented and reasonable for most of the time. All players can express freely their genuine feelings and expectations about the new update in Runescape because each time before a new game is added, several polls will be open for players to discussion the pros and cons of the new updates, and test whether players are satisfied with the new release so that they can try their best to meet some of the needs.

Runescape 3 Players Are Against Adding Prestige System?

From the former post, we have know that the new Prestige System, which is about to bring new life to competitive RuneScape levelling and allow high-level players to enjoy the game afresh. It aims at changeing the game style on the top spot, which is gained by the first person who get there, instead of the hardest player.


The Prestige System will allow players to choose any of the current 99s, click a button and reset that skill to level 1. That means players can level it to 99 again. They’d do this because once Prestige goes live, the hiscore table will be sorted firstly by their Prestige level (the number of times you’ve prestiged the skill), then their current level, then their current XP (i.e. the progress they’ve made since they last reset the skill).

According to the newest announcement, over 60% of players voted against the addition of the Prestige System to RuneScape. While it’s clear that many of them want to see aspirational content and competition at the higher end of the game, Prestige isn’t the form that players want to see it in. However, can we dig in a little bit further? Will it consume more runescape 3 gold? Is it too easy for players to finish the tasks or is it not interesting? Perhaps we still have more wonders, this article tries to do some help to tell you why the Prestige System fails to favor most of the Runescape players.

Runescape 3 Great Heist of Guide

Time to head to Senliten. Out of your current location, all you want to do is hug the desert edge until you decide on the pyramid (basically just simply northeast of Ali the Clever). Enter the pyramid just like you did in the Absent My Mummy quest. When inside, head northwest to the upon doors. Pass them and head south to search down the stairs. You’ll should pass the puzzle again. For more information on how to pass the puzzle, visit the Missing My Mummy instruction. Now that you’re across, talk to the Pharaoh Queen.


Your personality will explain everything to your ex. She’ll tell you that you truly are in dark times for someone to achieve this to another. However, she knows of the right way to do what you asked. You’ll have to store the heart in the Canopic Jar she’ll grant you, but, you’ll have to supply the preservations that’ll keep the heart alive. These are: Sacred Oil, 3 Dwellberries, and a ring of Life.

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After she hands an individual the Canopic Jar, she’ll describe what the Dwellberries are for. If you have all your materials, first put in this Sacred Oil. Then put inside Dwellberries followed by the Ring of Life. You should now take over a full jar. Now you must return to Ali the A good idea to see if he has any ideas on how to get further into Zemouregal’s base however. It turns out Ali the Wise did think of some things while you ended up gone. You’ll need Insulated Boots to get past the electrical shocks in the sewer. You’ll also a have to find some way of remotely seeing what exactly is happening in secure areas. For that you’ll need a Macaw summoned. Ultimately, you’ll also need a a new Mithril Grappling Hook, and any Mithril or better Crossbow.

Runescape 3 Firemaker’s Curse Guide

The actual Firemaker’s Curse can be a choice-based quest, and your current choices figure out who lives or drops dead. While there’s a path over the quest of earning Runescape 3 Gold where by no-one dies, any completely wrong choices will not likely adversely affect your sport experience or perhaps reward. With this thought, we would likely recommend you do not use a walkthrough. You’re in a growing crowd, though. Seven firemakers possess heard that hidden – arcane techniques of firemaking – lie in the cave program, and they wish to lead the best way through the candlight depths. Seeing that their innovator, your decisions will figure out whether these people live as well as die. Hence, will people leave the particular caverns which has a full accentuate of firemakers following this RS gold guide, or are you going to let dying thin their own ranks? Try to figure out the answer.


That Firemaker’s Curse is often a members solely quest made by Mod Ana and was the initial quest that they are released inside 2012. It really is based within lore, providing new information regarding the lack of Zaros and also the rise involving Zamorak. A strong adventurer is most at home when confronted with a great unexplored dungeon. Hence, following this single week of RS gold guide, we present the one that is darkish, mysterious, full of rewards plus offering a surprise with every move. Would a strong adventurer assume any much less? But, with this sulphurous, extremely flammable cave network, a thing more dangerous stirs. A new mysterious thing lies around wait; urging you ahead; hungry regarding revenge and fire. A foe such as this can’t often be faced inside a straight-up attack, so it’s just with genius, guile and also a heart involving flame of which you’ll take place away unburned.

Carry mild on the dungeon intricate and you will expose a few of firemaking’s most well-known and most enlightening strategies. Prosperous adventurers will obtain EXP; are able to participate in not one but two fresh bazaar occasions; all of which will download a fresh firemaking work out plans approach. In addition there are 4 fresh high dogs to call up your personal. Are you ready to this after reading this and find out a good and really useful RS gold guide to very well prepare to your RuneScape game world right now. Probably, you will find out another surprise from the game in this winter.

RS3 Requirements for Pyramid Plunder

Access to the city of Sophanem: You can start Little Helper OR have a Pharaoh’s sceptre for access to Sophanem. Level 21 thieving requires.


Under the surface of Sophanem you will find the burial sites of the great pharaohs. If you’re a budding tomb raider like the late Simon Templeton, then come and join us as we raid the pyramids! This pyramid is very dangerous, but may also provide great rewards. To be brave to get your rs gold ready and accepts this challenge!

First off, it’s really best to only do two rooms. In those two rooms, it is suggested that you search all the urns. Just skipping checking for snakes and charming them. If you fail, try again. If you keep failing, you may move on, as this can be aggravating.
Loot the Chest in every room and when you get to the second highest room loot the Chest and the urns until the timer almost reaches the half-way mark. Then move on to the highest level room you can enter and loot the room completely.
Do not loot anything except the chest in the lower level rooms. Once you get to the highest level room you can get into looting all the urns before looting the chest and sarcophagus. Exit the room through the Tomb Door once you have looted the entire room.
Always keep a Pharaoh Spectre if you get one. They can sell for lots of cash to other players. You could even use it to get back to the pyramid faster after re-loading your inventory.

RS3 Pyramid Plunder of Challenge

Pyramid Plunder is a dangerous minigame. So you’d better only bring items you can adequately defend, items you can tolerate losing, or items you are willing to lose as well as a few little rs gold. Good luck to you!


You will receive 10 thieving exp when you disable the spear trap in front of each room. The rewards from the mini game are a variety of items you can sell to Simon Templeton, who is located at the Agility Pyramid. The better the item, the more money you’ll get for it. Of course, you will also get thieving experience for successfully looting the urns, chest and sarcophagus.

The best chance to get the Pharaoh’s Sceptre is to steal from the chests and sarcophagi in each of the rooms. It is suggested that you only thieve the chests and sarcophagi when you are about to leave the rooms as there is a chance monsters will appear and attack you.

RS 3 Halloween Event

Various invisible ghosts appeared during last year’s Halloween. Players couldn’t find them at any time, anywhere on the mini map. In the game, we tried to get awards by firing the ghosts we found. In the meanwhile, Hallowed Robe was an important item last year. Actually, players felt tired to search for the ghosts in 2012 Halloween events, and they showed their complaint and dissatisfaction, so personally I believe that there will still be ghosts this time, but they will appear in a different way.


Additionally, I strongly believe that Zaros will return to us. Even though it left honestly in the Fourth Age, recent events promise a strong possibility of its comeback. The major followers of Zaros gathered again to fight the followers of different gods. Zarosians revealed that he had frequent talk with Guthix to persuade him to allow the comeback of Zaros. Although the plan suffered a failure, what Azzanadra said meant that Zaros needs a host body to return to Runescape 3. In the latest event Missing, Presumed Death, Azzanadra claims that Zaros is coming back. If true, that will be amazing!

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Halloween is around the corner, what will Runescape 3 bring to us? Will it be similar to last year’s Halloween? And will there be any new story, new skill or mysterious character in the game? It is conspicuous that all the players are look forward to this fantastic festival. However, there is no detailed information about the festival revealed so far. I still believe that you will have your own way to celebrate the festival in you mind. In here I would like to make some bold guess on 2013 Runescape 3 Halloween event, and I hope you can join us to share your idea.

RS3 Varrock Sewer

You will see many giant rats in the sewer. If you have ample food storage, just ignore these rats. Of course, you can also attack them to level up your Attack, Defense and Constitution. Actually, you will meet monsters of different levels when passing the rooms in the sewer, the stronger monsters you attack, the faster you skills will be leveled up.

As shown in the following image, you will meet a zombie which is different from other monsters. Zombie will attack you actively, rather than waiting to be attacked by players. If you think you are powerful enough or you have enough food, jsut attack them. Note, once you are alive or you are not going to quit, zombies will spawn endlessly. Of course, it is also a perfect opportunity for you to level up your skills.


After that, climb the stairs to get to another place and kill Grizzly bear. Don’t forget the tree in here, it is not a decoration. You can chop it and use the wood you get to cook the raw bear meat. If you attacked giant rats before, you can also cook the raw rat meat here. It is a good way to level up your Constitution in the sewer.

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I would like to remind you that the Grizzly bear will revive soon after it is killed. Therefore, fight in the sewer is endless, that’s why I said it is a good way to level up your skills fast. In fact, you can choose different paths to get to different place in the sewer.

Runescape 3 Easily And Get Trained Fast Skills

The ideal way is to Old School Runescape Get Coins or buy old school runescape quest help our website! Both Old School runescape gold shipment and runescape quest help are fast, so that you could conserve your priceless time to appreciate the game better.


As always, the most commom used approach is alching. To conserve some money you might make your own yew longs like I did back in 2007, it does take a considerable amount of time however I found it unwinding. To save Old School Runescape Coins on Nature Runes I would certainly suggest doing some Nat running, and afterwards using the attributes runes to alch rather than marketing.

Superheating steel bars is 40 % faster than alching (at around 115k an hour) and obtains around 30k general practitioner earnings each 1k steel bars made (regarding 25 minutes of superheating). For instance, i superheated 43-59 mage, took 90 mins and made 90k revenue, and obtained 52 smithing from around 47 or something.

Exactly what I’ve been doing to educate Magic is casting Fire Strike. Although it may not be the fastest means, it has actually been relatively affordable in comparison to other techniques. Fire Strike hits commonly and (incredibly) hits high. You can make the aged Runescape 3 Gold you spent on the Runes back, if you train on animals like Fire Giants that drop costly and sought after products.

RS3 Waterfiend of Slayer task

Attack a waterfiend and summon your bunyip or unicorn. The bunyip will allow you to eat the raw fish that they drop. They commonly drop stacks of raw lobster and raw shark. Use protection from ranged attack prayer to minimize the damage they do to you. Also use your potions to keep your attack and strength skills boosted. Collect as much loot as you can. Most of the drops from waterfiends are in note form so that they can be stacked in your inventory. Many of their drops, such as mithril ore and water orbs, can be sold quickly on the Grand Exchange for a fair price.


Go to your bank and withdraw a set of armor that has a good defense against magic such as black dragonhide or Karil’s armor. Also bring a crushing weapon such as a Zamorak spear or a Saradomin sword. If you have the requirements to use a unicorn, bring one. Otherwise you should bring a bunyip and some swallow hole scrolls. Also bring prayer potions and your attack and strength potions. Teleport to the barbarian outpost using an enchanted sapphire necklace. Head south and jump into the whirlpool at the end of the dock. You will end up in the ancient cavern where the waterfiends are located. Alternately, you can access the ancient cavern using the “BJQ” fairy ring code once you have repaired the fairy ring in the cavern. The repair requires a spade and five bittercap mushrooms.

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Waterfiends are one of the best creatures in all of RuneScape for collecting summoning charms. They can be very dangerous for unprepared players due to their magic and ranged attacks. They are very powerful for a level 115 monster. Waterfiends are also a possible Slayer task from Duradel and Kuradal.