Armadyleans join saradomin

As Jagex stated the loser of the Battle of lumbridge will “face oblivion” and Zamorak obtained his powers through unjust methods, betrayal and killing the corporeal form of his formerly own god so if you are Armadylean as Armadyl represents justice side with Saradomin to bring Zamorak to justice, it is confirmed that the loser of the Battle will “face oblivion” and so Zamorak will pay for what he did or some of what he did and be brought to Justice if he loses. So if you are Armadylean help bring Zamorak to justice by making him “face oblivion” as the mods stated. This is why Armadyl created the godsword to destroy Zamorak and entered the first gielinorian Runescape 2007 Gold wars against him.

I understand Zamorak now may not be all inherently evil and sometimes a little chaos may be good but he still must pay for what he did, once his paid for what he did and is brought to Justice we can leave him alone.

Saradomin did not kill another god or the body of another god like Zamorak did. Sure, Zamorak may have some good ideas such as sometimes a little chaos is needed but he just first must pay for what he did, then we can leave him alone as that makes him cleaned of injustice if he has paid for what he did.

So you have decided to follow Aramdyl I am glad- I know you were unsure of where to align yourself outside of BOL.

Regarding this thread… Saradomin is already leading by almost 30mil points, I don’t think you need to worry about actively recruiting.

Armadyl does stand for Justice, but also, is it not just to hear Zamoraks explanation first? before “sending him to Oblivion?”

We heard Saradomins side of things regarding the Nargai, it would only be fair