Again really a mod

I have posted many times over the past few days in frustration do to the RS3 issue with disconnections and server lag that has affected me alot as of late. Back when RS 3 Gold was in the beginning of the Beta phase I had lagged out or was kicked from the servers while at a boss and died each time. Each time it happened I had people I knew in game bless my grave and 80% of the time I was barley able to get my items back from my grave with an exception of 2 deaths which ended up with me losing my offhand ascention cb as well as other top gear. I was angry but didnt not complain. I just kept playing and dealt with it.

With in the past 3-4 weeks I cant bite my lip anymore! I have dis connected or lagged out of the Sara Solo compitition a number of times 2 nights ago being the last time, and I can never get back into the game intime to even start my kill count for the GWD bosses rooms.

Each time I have died I have lost Drygores, Torva, Tetsu, ect… ect…. As for a few hours ago…..AGAIN! REALLY??!! I disconnected at Bandos! Lucky for me someone was nice enough to bless my grave, because I only had 4+ mins on my grave by the time I was let back in game. But I would like to be contacted about my posts from the prior nights I wasnt so lucky. I would like to be given back my gear I was cheated into losing do to RS3 being admittedly released with way to many bugs and issues.

Atleast if anything, gear from the last 2-3 times I was DC’ed from game. I have been an ongoing paying member of RS for years now and have given this company $*thousands to the offers availible to us and would like to be shown that My hundreds of hours playing this game to obtain the items I lost wasnt for nothing. please contact me asap so we can discuss this issue. Thank you for your time.