It’s been nearly 2 weeks

And the token faction glitch lives on. All I want to know from this point is whether Jagex is doing anything about this aggravating Runescape Gold bug (or whether they know about it to start off with). Many players are still suffering from this.

Reminder: Don’t tell me to check my Inventory, bank, equipment slot, and going through all of the recruiting officer’s chat options. I’ve tried everything and every precaution to try to get it back.

Normally, when you are retrieving your lost token from your faction. The recruitment officer gives it back to you after the option select of “I’m ready to help!”, after his part of the dialogue that’s when you get it back. However, for many unfortunate players who lost it like myself and could not get it back. After the recruitment officer finishes his part of their dialogue, there is no part of the option where you get back your token faction.

Fill your inventory completely with items, anything will do (I used swordfish) and have one slot for tears so you have 27 items and your 28th is tears, go deliver them, game forces an update on your inventory for the lack of available slots, token appears in your inventory. I have attempted this six times since week 2 of the event. I have your same problem and this is the only way Ive gotten mine back. Sounds a bit sketchy but its something with the scripting that it has to check your inventory. Script is buggy and it thinks its already in your inventory when it isnt. That should correct the script.