More keybinds please

Currently we have 12 keybinds available to us for various abilities, prayers, and items. I believe that the amount of keybinds should be increased to improve high level combat. At the moment there are times when I click on a prayer or an ability and it doesn’t activate and it really bothers me because if we had more keybinds then I would not have to click them.

With the addition of more keybinds it would allow people to need less interfaces open when bossing and make the NIS look less cluttered because instead of needing your prayer book and multiple ability books open, you could just keybind everything you need.

As an example of why I would like more keybinds when I tank nex I can use up to 26 different abilities/prayers per kill(not even including switching my gear). With the currently available 12 keybinds that means I have to click more than half of my abilities, or make 2 of my 5 ability bars strictly for tanking nex. Why shouldn’t I have the ability to keybind them instead of clicking them? I feel it would be such a great addition to the NIS and would greatly improve NIS for more skilled PvMers.

My current PvM setup is the following: http://puush/3T1kV.png

If I was allowed more keybinds I could close ALL of my ability books and my prayer book, which would make NIS look much less cluttered and would look much nicer in general.

Random event runescape bug

Hey guys!I am having an issue with the evil twin random event,but when I was on 07scape earlier I had the evil twin event show up but I went through it and when I grabbed the twin it just froze about midway to the cage so I wanted for like 10 min and it didn’t progress.But I through it may had just been a crash on my part but I the weird thing I had it again happen to me like 5 minutes ago and it did the same exact thing! this time I waited like 20 minutes but nothing!sooo I was just wondering if any of you guys have had this problem with that event??thanks guys and please respond back-Jake.

This section is dedicated to bug reports on the current Html5 beta, I suggest posting issues like this on the old school section. Most people in that section play rs 2007 gold and will be able to answer your question.

Runescape problems with html5

On lower graphics the visuals seem grainy. They are not clear. It seems as if the world is made up of dust particles. The older java client is much clearer then html5 in lower graphics.

I think the computer spec requirements are too high for a browser Runescape 2007 Gold game. I can run gw2 on my comp. But html5 is unusable in high graphics and moderate at lower.

I don’t like the positioning of the xp counter. It seems out of place. I would prefer it to be movable just like the rest of the interface. Otherwise, it seems too rigid and out of place.

In html5 the world seems too cramped. It would be better if the world could be expanded because everything seems as if they have been pulled together into one cluster. Unlike before everything seems as if they make up one city rather then separate ones.

The interface colors do not suit the overall game atmosphere. It just seems ridiculous , it’s neither dark or carries a light mood. It just seems out of place in this game. The previous lighter theme suited the game perfectly well. Either you should reintegrate the old one or give players an option to change the overall interface colors.

I feel as if the action bar could be better looking. You have made so many changes to the graphics but the action bar has remained the same. It’s all boxy and seems out place. I would say that you should completely remove the big outlines around it. This would make the action bar feel as if it is integrated into the game and not out of it. I have seen the remove outlines button, but it makes no difference with that.

Also, please make the logout button a little bit bigger. It’s a hassle to find it because you can’t really tell if it’s a button or not.