Runescape player achieving god hood

I have been going into a bit of thought about this recently and a lot of the events to come are seeming to lead into the player becoming a god, The events during The World Wakes quest makes me assume that if the player is becoming the world guardian that he is more than likely at some point going to achieve godhood. I assume that it is going to be a quest line that allows the player to achieve godhood not just a random event.

I assume it may also be due to the player killing another god and taking his power or a god dying and sacrificing his power to the player. Jagex has said that we are going to influence events coming in the 6th age so i assume we are going to see the death of a few gods and the birth of more runescape gold. this is just a brief summary of what i think please post and tell me what you guys think of this.

I’m pretty sure Mod Osborne or another J Mod said that we can’t become gods, can’t remember the exact reason but I think it was mentioned in the A to Z of Divination podcast.

My cat has been kittennapped

About a week ago I was killed in the Battle of Lumbridge, and my wily cat Sidney, whom I’ve had for four years and who goes everywhere with me except the wildy, disappeared from Rs Gold. I’ve tried everything, he’s not in my menagerie, Diango’s or the bank, and summon says “no active pet”. This shouldn’t have happened, since you’re not supposed to lose anything in that minigame (he was following me). I really want him back, and not to start another kitten of the same color. What happened, and can Jagex return him?

I’m guessing this happened in the live game? Either way whenever you die when you have a pet following you the pet will run away, the same for familiars dissapearing. Whilst the battle of lumbridge is sort of a minigame a death still counts as a death. So I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid when he saw you collapse on the ground he was afraid and ran away.

However if you want to try you could make a thread about the fact of pets running away when you die at the battle and hopefully similar things can be prevented, because of this. It might be best to either post a thread like this in the World Event: The Battle of Lumbridge or the Existing Game Content section.

Please accept my condolences about your cat, but I’m sure he knows how to survive as you trained him well (him being a wily cat).

No request assistance runescape option

So I did an Effigy last week and was able to request assistance. I have one now, and the request assistance option no longer appears when I right click on people. anyone else having this problem or know a solution to it?

I’ve heard a few people asking why there was no Right-click Req Assist option for them. I found, however, that they just simply didn’t have it enabled.

To enable it:

Press ESC In-game to pull up Options menu
Click Runescape Gold Game Settings
Make sure ‘Accept Aid’ is checked in the box

If the box beside Accept Aid is not checked, you won’t have a right click option for Req Assist. Make sure this option is enabled

Autocast in runescape dungeoneering

Currently, as the game “changes” your spellbook every time you enter a Dungeon, it will not remember that you set your Autocast spell. So you have to set it at the start of the floor (twice if you dual-wield). That’s not too big of a problem – the issue is that if you are doing multiple floors in a row, then it removes your autocast each and every floor, even if you don’t leave the Dungeon. And even worse yet, you lose your autocast every single time you die!

Maybe let the Runescape 2007 Gold game remember our Autocast preferences for Dungeoneering permanently? This fix could also improve gameplay outside of Daemonheim, as it would mean if you swap from say the normal spellbook to Ancient Magicks, the game would remember what the last autocast you had set the last time you used Ancients, so you wouldn’t need to set it again.

Stronghold of security level1

Whilst I was going to train I climbed in to the Stronghold of Security and as soon as I stepped in the portal was gone. I thought it was just one of those graphical problems that I always get but that wasn’t the case as I ran my cursor over where the portal would be and got no selection other than ‘walk here’. I also noticed that around me the summoning obelisk was gone and so was the actual exit.

That was the only problem I found in the Stronghold of Security; the other levels and the end of the first level were completely fine (from what I saw).

I couldn’t find the in-Runescape Gold game bug reporter or the online one as it led me in circles so I put it on here.

Loot runescape bug

Was killing Gladii for a little while, and decided to switch from java to HTML5. I killed a few Gladii on HTML5 but the drops did not show up… Had a HP Touchsmart 520 with a i5 core. Graphics look great and runs smoothly (without shadows and high water detail) and this seems to be the only recent problem I have had.

The drops do show up, but I have noticed that they tend to be dropped someplace else and everything you would get as drop after will teleport to that same spot. It happens while dungeoneering as well. If you do find the items they can’t be picked up either so I recommend to use the Nis if you plan to go bossing untill the drops issue would be fixed.

A runescape new npc soldier leaked

In Aug 8th,at midnight, I decided to log on to earn a few tears. When, I returned to the battlefield, the fishing spots were returned. “Oh, look the fishing spots are back.” I typed. The players started fishing. After, we finish fishing, I return to chop some divine tears.

I open Microsoft Word to practice on my writing. When, I heard my character being attacked, not a human but by a npc. This wasn’t your average npc, he looked exactly the same as the Zamorikian sniper, but with minor difference, his cape. Instead of the black with red trimmed, it was black with a Runescape 2007 Gold trimmed. I defeated him easily, barely surviving the conflict. Then, I realize no one was around, I was the only player left. Everyone out of nowhere left, I was very confused. I just ignore it and return to chopping divine tears.

After the weird event, I reopen Microsoft Word tab. There goes again, being attacked. I couldn’t react fast enough to defend myself, and I ended up dying. Before I die, another Zamorikian sniper with gold trimmed cape slaughter me.After I die, the game return to normal, players were chopping and mining. One player quoted, “the fishing is gone.” But we were fishing a few minutes ago.

So, what really happened Is this a new npc going to be released into the public in Week 4?

The fishing spot bug means they don’t always appear in all instances, but with a little luck one can find yourself in an instance with fishing spots (similarly, the instance system can sometimes lead to you being in an instance with relatively few people in it).

There already exists a random event where sharpshooters can show up, which are basically aggro snipers that look a little different (I don’t recall if it’s a gold trim cape as they aren’t around on my world currently), so it seems more likely that you just saw one of those, rather than unreleased mobs showing up randomly for you.

Disloyal NPC

As some of you may have noticed some “Saradominist” NPC’s are clearly not doing enough to help Saradomin! They arent zealous enough! Here are some examples:

-The Duke of lumbridge, wtf does this hobo think he’s doing? HELPING THE STUPID ZAMORAKIAN FAMILY? Lumbridge belongs to Saradomin! He will pay for this!

-King Roald, seriously he needs to get off his throne and help Saradomin! I mean Saradomin is on GIELINOR, he shou!ld be crusading for hallowvale or something! WHY IS HE NOT DOING ANYTHING!

-Zilyana, I dont know why she’s not helping Saradomin! I hope she dies though, i’m much better than her, only i can be saradomins favourite…me me me me me! I’ll kill her!

Non Saradominist NPC’s in Saradominist places? wtf?Kill that stupid Zamorakian Fanatic! Lynch him, stick his head on a spike! how dare he spread his unholy heresy! all Zamorakians should be thrown into tolnas rift! or fed to skypouncers!

Awesome, a fanatic. I look forward to other Saradominists bashing you with gleeful enthusiasm. Though if Saradominist are going to give other NPCs a hard time, like a head on a pike, then other players should be able to give those troublemakers a hard time too.King Roald needs someone to explain to him what his job is. It’s certainly not to tell the person asking for aid to aid himself. I think the explanation should involve pointy objects and lots of screaming, but hey that’s just me.

Oh and if you talk to the King he’s most annoyed, enraged even, at both gods for damaging ‘his’ castle.

So if you want to rage at ‘disloyal’ NPC’s King Roald should head anyone’s list.

Typical Saradominist, condemning anyone that does not follow there way, first of all cant you see what the duke of lumbridge have done? he has given a home to not one but two family’s.

They may not trust each other but they tolerate each other and that is a start, I personally hope there is a new involving the two family’s having to work together, such as defend there home if the goblins come back.

How far are you optimizing

Is there any hope that my i3 processor will ever be able to run HTML 5 or am I forever stuck with Java until I can get a new computer?

I’m running the html5 client pretty decently with my i3 540, with view distance to low. The performance is very dependent on hardware combinations and drivers at the moment. So even almost identical computers might perform very differently.

In the optimization department it’s mostly browsers needing a bit of polish rather than the client itself. I’ve heard from somewhere that performance should be close to native applications when html5 is more established, in the coming year or so.

Runescape pre-sets

With the NIS we now have pre-sets for the interface where we can quickly change between saved interfaces we have created.

It would be a nice feature if this system could be used for capes such as the clan cloak, Max cape and completionist cape if we could save our favourite color setups that we could quick switch between.

I know we can get the H/S/L codes if we wanted to get our exact colors back etc but I think this would be a faster method although keep the H/S/L codes