Emotes to expencive

As it is right now, they stated the T3 emotes will cost 20,000 faction, which is way to much for a simple emote when thats more than double of the T2 emote, id like to obtain everything this event has to offer although that seems to be impossible, considering the emotes cost is way expensive, 20,000 = 7 days of work in itself, if you cap every day, sure id like to own both of them but 20,000 is way to much the entire armor set is 20,000 and thats FULL set of 75 lvl armor, thats (imo) rather useful (i love the boots, and the helm when it comes out ill be useing it as range gear haha), I think these need to be reduced to maybe 15,000, or the original price of 6.000.

Anyone know if there will be a way to obtain these emotes after the event is over with? As well as reclaiming the armor if so you lose it? (I wouldnt be opposed to a quest, where the end reward was the emotes you missed, if it was a rather hard quest.)

It has been stated in the FAQ that once the event is over, you can no longer obtain the emote or the titles.