Very good runescape improvement

I just want to share unlike last week when I tried opera + and new chromes etc I just had sso many loading lags and movement lags together but now it seems well very playable smooth evcen when running and loading things in the distants on farest settings.

I do got the beta driver 326.84 nvidia that is.
Some improvement from 20-30 to 30-40 ish for me and all on maximum settings.

Be careful when using Rs 3 Gold 19 (Revision/Release) 319 drivers (especially 320.18)… They had a bad start. Similar to the 190.xx drivers back in those years. R319 encompasses drivers from 320.** to 326.xx.

It causes issues that range from
-Raised voltages, frying certain graphics cards (thereby leaving permanent artifacts, especially Fermi)
-TDR issues
-certain specific cards only, especially non-Kepler cards.

They even made this thread (they usually don’t) to try curb the issue.

-314.22 is the latest and most stable 2013 nVidia driver by far. I haven’t updated mine.

If you insist on updating and intend to update to R319
-Make sure you reset your overclocks, run reference card clocks instead of factory OC (if its a factory OC’d card) – This is a mandatory step many people aren’t doing while updating drivers.
-Power limit and voltages back at 100%
-Update and monitor, if you have to, overclock only after you’ve deemed that the driver is stable.

Take caution when updating to R319, it is risky. I know of a person irl who fried a GTX 580 a few days after it was out of warranty with these drivers. Sad case.