Titles of interfaces ge floor

For a little less than a month the titles of interfaces like clicking the powers tab for example, the title of the tab is replaced by white blocks and i can’t read it.Same thing when i am in the log in screen, the gold button where it says “log in” is a covered with a black rectangle (sort of like a censor bar). Also, the messages at the bottom once i am in the log in lobby do not display and are blank white (same with SoF background).

Another issue i see for myself is the grand exchange floor, the more i go into a birds-eye view, the more the floor looks streaked with slivers of “see through” lines so to speak.

This only happened on my computer, i’ve played on others and these thing did not happen for me. On my usual computer i changed all the settings for graphic from mid-high, and they still are here.

Not sure if this is a thing i can fix on my own, and i need tip on how to fix this (if any).