Runescape player achieving god hood

I have been going into a bit of thought about this recently and a lot of the events to come are seeming to lead into the player becoming a god, The events during The World Wakes quest makes me assume that if the player is becoming the world guardian that he is more than likely at some point going to achieve godhood. I assume that it is going to be a quest line that allows the player to achieve godhood not just a random event.

I assume it may also be due to the player killing another god and taking his power or a god dying and sacrificing his power to the player. Jagex has said that we are going to influence events coming in the 6th age so i assume we are going to see the death of a few gods and the birth of more runescape gold. this is just a brief summary of what i think please post and tell me what you guys think of this.

I’m pretty sure Mod Osborne or another J Mod said that we can’t become gods, can’t remember the exact reason but I think it was mentioned in the A to Z of Divination podcast.