My cat has been kittennapped

About a week ago I was killed in the Battle of Lumbridge, and my wily cat Sidney, whom I’ve had for four years and who goes everywhere with me except the wildy, disappeared from Rs Gold. I’ve tried everything, he’s not in my menagerie, Diango’s or the bank, and summon says “no active pet”. This shouldn’t have happened, since you’re not supposed to lose anything in that minigame (he was following me). I really want him back, and not to start another kitten of the same color. What happened, and can Jagex return him?

I’m guessing this happened in the live game? Either way whenever you die when you have a pet following you the pet will run away, the same for familiars dissapearing. Whilst the battle of lumbridge is sort of a minigame a death still counts as a death. So I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m afraid when he saw you collapse on the ground he was afraid and ran away.

However if you want to try you could make a thread about the fact of pets running away when you die at the battle and hopefully similar things can be prevented, because of this. It might be best to either post a thread like this in the World Event: The Battle of Lumbridge or the Existing Game Content section.

Please accept my condolences about your cat, but I’m sure he knows how to survive as you trained him well (him being a wily cat).