A runescape new npc soldier leaked

In Aug 8th,at midnight, I decided to log on to earn a few tears. When, I returned to the battlefield, the fishing spots were returned. “Oh, look the fishing spots are back.” I typed. The players started fishing. After, we finish fishing, I return to chop some divine tears.

I open Microsoft Word to practice on my writing. When, I heard my character being attacked, not a human but by a npc. This wasn’t your average npc, he looked exactly the same as the Zamorikian sniper, but with minor difference, his cape. Instead of the black with red trimmed, it was black with a Runescape 2007 Gold trimmed. I defeated him easily, barely surviving the conflict. Then, I realize no one was around, I was the only player left. Everyone out of nowhere left, I was very confused. I just ignore it and return to chopping divine tears.

After the weird event, I reopen Microsoft Word tab. There goes again, being attacked. I couldn’t react fast enough to defend myself, and I ended up dying. Before I die, another Zamorikian sniper with gold trimmed cape slaughter me.After I die, the game return to normal, players were chopping and mining. One player quoted, “the fishing is gone.” But we were fishing a few minutes ago.

So, what really happened Is this a new npc going to be released into the public in Week 4?

The fishing spot bug means they don’t always appear in all instances, but with a little luck one can find yourself in an instance with fishing spots (similarly, the instance system can sometimes lead to you being in an instance with relatively few people in it).

There already exists a random event where sharpshooters can show up, which are basically aggro snipers that look a little different (I don’t recall if it’s a gold trim cape as they aren’t around on my world currently), so it seems more likely that you just saw one of those, rather than unreleased mobs showing up randomly for you.