Disloyal NPC

As some of you may have noticed some “Saradominist” NPC’s are clearly not doing enough to help Saradomin! They arent zealous enough! Here are some examples:

-The Duke of lumbridge, wtf does this hobo think he’s doing? HELPING THE STUPID ZAMORAKIAN FAMILY? Lumbridge belongs to Saradomin! He will pay for this!

-King Roald, seriously he needs to get off his throne and help Saradomin! I mean Saradomin is on GIELINOR, he shou!ld be crusading for hallowvale or something! WHY IS HE NOT DOING ANYTHING!

-Zilyana, I dont know why she’s not helping Saradomin! I hope she dies though, i’m much better than her, only i can be saradomins favourite…me me me me me! I’ll kill her!

Non Saradominist NPC’s in Saradominist places? wtf?Kill that stupid Zamorakian Fanatic! Lynch him, stick his head on a spike! how dare he spread his unholy heresy! all Zamorakians should be thrown into tolnas rift! or fed to skypouncers!

Awesome, a fanatic. I look forward to other Saradominists bashing you with gleeful enthusiasm. Though if Saradominist are going to give other NPCs a hard time, like a head on a pike, then other players should be able to give those troublemakers a hard time too.King Roald needs someone to explain to him what his job is. It’s certainly not to tell the person asking for aid to aid himself. I think the explanation should involve pointy objects and lots of screaming, but hey that’s just me.

Oh and if you talk to the King he’s most annoyed, enraged even, at both gods for damaging ‘his’ castle.

So if you want to rage at ‘disloyal’ NPC’s King Roald should head anyone’s list.

Typical Saradominist, condemning anyone that does not follow there way, first of all cant you see what the duke of lumbridge have done? he has given a home to not one but two family’s.

They may not trust each other but they tolerate each other and that is a start, I personally hope there is a new involving the two family’s having to work together, such as defend there home if the goblins come back.