More keybinds please

Currently we have 12 keybinds available to us for various abilities, prayers, and items. I believe that the amount of keybinds should be increased to improve high level combat. At the moment there are times when I click on a prayer or an ability and it doesn’t activate and it really bothers me because if we had more keybinds then I would not have to click them.

With the addition of more keybinds it would allow people to need less interfaces open when bossing and make the NIS look less cluttered because instead of needing your prayer book and multiple ability books open, you could just keybind everything you need.

As an example of why I would like more keybinds when I tank nex I can use up to 26 different abilities/prayers per kill(not even including switching my gear). With the currently available 12 keybinds that means I have to click more than half of my abilities, or make 2 of my 5 ability bars strictly for tanking nex. Why shouldn’t I have the ability to keybind them instead of clicking them? I feel it would be such a great addition to the NIS and would greatly improve NIS for more skilled PvMers.

My current PvM setup is the following: http://puush/3T1kV.png

If I was allowed more keybinds I could close ALL of my ability books and my prayer book, which would make NIS look much less cluttered and would look much nicer in general.