Random event runescape bug

Hey guys!I am having an issue with the evil twin random event,but when I was on 07scape earlier I had the evil twin event show up but I went through it and when I grabbed the twin it just froze about midway to the cage so I wanted for like 10 min and it didn’t progress.But I through it may had just been a crash on my part but I the weird thing I had it again happen to me like 5 minutes ago and it did the same exact thing! this time I waited like 20 minutes but nothing!sooo I was just wondering if any of you guys have had this problem with that event??thanks guys and please respond back-Jake.

This section is dedicated to bug reports on the current Html5 beta, I suggest posting issues like this on the old school section. Most people in that section play rs 2007 gold and will be able to answer your question.