Compact interface issues

As others may have noticed, there appears to be a problem with the ‘more compact interface’ that has been put into the game on 29/8.

For starters, When editing the size of the inventory, its possible to end up with a size where half of the inventory isn’t filled with actual item boxes. I play with a default inventory size, but I am not a fan of the 5×5 + 3 setup, I much prefer the more old school 4×7, where the entire interface ended up being filled with usable item boxes. Now when I use it, I will often subconsciously assume my inventory is much emptier than it really is (I’ve now clicked on wisps several times with a full inventory of memories), and its really just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

It seems like other areas only have a similar Runescape Gold problem (the skill menu for instance, seems more empty, with smaller skill buttons then before).

A couple possible fixes that I would like to propose-

– make it possible to manipulate the size, distance and configuration of item boxes and possibly other buttons.
– make it possible to lock the configuration of item slots or other buttons so you could re-size the inventory until it has your preferred setup (4×7 for me), and then lock it, and re-size the inventory again, until it has you preferred size of the overall interface. so that way you could have different item box configurations that automatically fit to the size of the panel.

Please post your comments about this issue and other ideas.

Divination new runescape skill bankspace

With over 50 new items(plus related energies) being released with divination, and a new production skill(likely to have more than 50 new Runescape items due to its nature as a production, rather than gathering skill). It would seem only right for another bank booster(or just a straight increase in bank space) to be distributed for free.

Because many of the items are different tiers of the same thing even 15 spots would be good, the bank booster angle just seems easier to implement.

Yes bank boosters i have to pay for or give up my loyalty rewards for. In basic principal they changed the game, created a pile of new item,s they need to adjust to accommodate the new set up, they have done the same thing in the past when they increased the number of items in the game by less than they have now.

I will never calmly accept the concept i should just be expected to pay more to stay competitive/have the appropriate resources, for a game i’m already paying for.

And i do not see loyalty rewards as free, therefore i do not see loyalty based booster(if there even reasonably priced) as free.

Emotes to expencive

As it is right now, they stated the T3 emotes will cost 20,000 faction, which is way to much for a simple emote when thats more than double of the T2 emote, id like to obtain everything this event has to offer although that seems to be impossible, considering the emotes cost is way expensive, 20,000 = 7 days of work in itself, if you cap every day, sure id like to own both of them but 20,000 is way to much the entire armor set is 20,000 and thats FULL set of 75 lvl armor, thats (imo) rather useful (i love the boots, and the helm when it comes out ill be useing it as range gear haha), I think these need to be reduced to maybe 15,000, or the original price of 6.000.

Anyone know if there will be a way to obtain these emotes after the event is over with? As well as reclaiming the armor if so you lose it? (I wouldnt be opposed to a quest, where the end reward was the emotes you missed, if it was a rather hard quest.)

It has been stated in the FAQ that once the event is over, you can no longer obtain the emote or the titles.

Bank booster runescape bug

Hello, I brought 5X Bank Boosters from Solomon`s Store.

When i logged into the game it said in the message box that my bank space has been upgraded all the way upto 800+ space. But when i checked my bank space it still says i have 468 max free space in total on members. The 5X 50 extra space didnt go on, thats a total of 250 space ive lost. Ive checked Solomon`s store and it shows ive purchased all the bank boosters.

This also happened to me. Also took my money and didn’t give me my bank space…I’m guessing because of the update they are doing on Solomon’s Store? However if you can’t buy runescape gold anything you shouldn’t be able to access the store.

Very good runescape improvement

I just want to share unlike last week when I tried opera + and new chromes etc I just had sso many loading lags and movement lags together but now it seems well very playable smooth evcen when running and loading things in the distants on farest settings.

I do got the beta driver 326.84 nvidia that is.
Some improvement from 20-30 to 30-40 ish for me and all on maximum settings.

Be careful when using Rs 3 Gold 19 (Revision/Release) 319 drivers (especially 320.18)… They had a bad start. Similar to the 190.xx drivers back in those years. R319 encompasses drivers from 320.** to 326.xx.

It causes issues that range from
-Raised voltages, frying certain graphics cards (thereby leaving permanent artifacts, especially Fermi)
-TDR issues
-certain specific cards only, especially non-Kepler cards.

They even made this thread (they usually don’t) to try curb the issue.

-314.22 is the latest and most stable 2013 nVidia driver by far. I haven’t updated mine.

If you insist on updating and intend to update to R319
-Make sure you reset your overclocks, run reference card clocks instead of factory OC (if its a factory OC’d card) – This is a mandatory step many people aren’t doing while updating drivers.
-Power limit and voltages back at 100%
-Update and monitor, if you have to, overclock only after you’ve deemed that the driver is stable.

Take caution when updating to R319, it is risky. I know of a person irl who fried a GTX 580 a few days after it was out of warranty with these drivers. Sad case.

Creeping main interfaces

Dear Bug-Quashers,

Since the NIS release, i’ve had a more or less good experience!

However, I have gradually been noticing what I have to accept must now be a bug. My main interfaces (F1-5) have been slowly moving to the left side of the screen, even though i do not change their position in the advanced interface.

I feel images are the best way of showing you. Here is my advanced setup to show the position of all the windows; http://prntscr.***/1mpehi

But, regardless of these positions, here are the location of my Main Menu interfaces: http://prntscr.***/1mpefh

I hope you can see what I mean! I would appreciate if anyone could help me fix this :p

Runescape total exp glich

OK so i don’t know if this happens to anyone else. But it has been doing it for me since like i’d say about 2 weeks ago maybe 3.
Anyway I can not see my total Exp when i put my mouse over my total level anymore like i use too. BUT if i put it in the EXACT right place i can but its hard to find and annoying. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if theres a way i can fix this. Thanks!

Divinat slower than a gility

Agility, which is widely regarded as the slowest ( And most tedious) skill on rs 3 gold, has been surprassed by the new skill today. Now, I’m not necessarily saying it’s a bad thing. How are you guys finding the speed of the skill? Is it to your liking or does it make you want to gouge your eyes out?It may be slower, but I think it makes it more of a challenge. I see this new skill in the same way I saw the old RC’ing, without ZMI or Runespan.

I enjoy it though, and hope to achieve 99 at some point – whenever that point may be.have you unlocked the permanent xp boosts? I unlocked the first lot and its helped and at 30 the xp boost goes to 10%. I’m pretty sure the 10% @ lvl 30 and the new area will make the xp a lot faster than gnome course. You just need to know what you are doing.

Titles of interfaces ge floor

For a little less than a month the titles of interfaces like clicking the powers tab for example, the title of the tab is replaced by white blocks and i can’t read it.Same thing when i am in the log in screen, the gold button where it says “log in” is a covered with a black rectangle (sort of like a censor bar). Also, the messages at the bottom once i am in the log in lobby do not display and are blank white (same with SoF background).

Another issue i see for myself is the grand exchange floor, the more i go into a birds-eye view, the more the floor looks streaked with slivers of “see through” lines so to speak.

This only happened on my computer, i’ve played on others and these thing did not happen for me. On my usual computer i changed all the settings for graphic from mid-high, and they still are here.

Not sure if this is a thing i can fix on my own, and i need tip on how to fix this (if any).

Void dance quest runescape bug

I am currently trying to complete this quest however, the 2nd to last clue scroll asks me to dig under a red flower in the monastry which i cant get near to do.. ive tried clicking all round the area and even diging around the area but i still get nothing interesting happening and cant move on to the next phase of quest.
the closest i can get to the plant in question is the grass next to it.. i cant move onto the brown ‘garden’ area the plant is in. but can do so in other areas of the garden.
This is very frustrating and i would like to know if its just something im doing wrong or is this a bug?

Yes this is currently a bug, you cannot stand on the flower, however I heard there is a way around this. If you go upstairs in the monastery and stand right above the red flower, which would be in front of the torch on the left wall, you can dig there and get the next clue.

I suppose that’s worth a shot to do, but make sure to make a bug report this either in game by clicking the report button, hovering over support and click the submit a bug report or by visiting this thread.