Barbarian outpost

I was doing a few laps of the Barbarian Outpost Adv. Agility course and ran into the glitch outlined here (Player clips into room below crossbow and gets stuck until logout).

I didn’t log out to attempt to fix this and instead teleported back to the Outpost using the Runescape Gold Games Necklace and found myself on the roof one square away from the location the teleport should have taken me to.

It turns out I wasn’t on the roof but actually just walking around on the ‘floor’ level above the ground. I was still restricted by obstacles like trees and walls on the lower level as normal, but couldn’t interact with any objects (including doors) and NPC*.

I then teleported in Lunar Isle and then Al Kharid, both times finding that I was still floating above the ground unable to do anything other than run around.

I logged out which seemed to fix the issue, then teleported back to Barbarian Outpost only to find the same thing happening again.

Logging out or into the lobby and back fixes it, but it’s slightly annoying (and kinda fun)

Runescape 3 release!NIS optional

My computer specs are pretty decent, and can run the nis rs3 beta pretty good, but if i log in to the live version of RS 3 Gold with the old interface i can play with exactly the same frame rate as i can in java, my question is, will NIS be optional upon release but with the option to still play RS3?

As for any haters, i can answer your flames right now, i dont want to just play the java version as i know someone will say “if your computer cant run the NIS RS3, stay with the java version”‘

Well I can tell you just as a player and from alot of info from reading articles that no the NIS will not be optional that it will be on the java version fully, but look at it this way, with the NIS system you can now remove alot of the needless frames that don’t need to be their depending on what you are doing at the current moment.

On the runescape upside

So, while I have not been able to obtain a very stable FPS and chrome has crashed the page once or twice, there are a few things I have seen that have really impressed me.

-Voice-overs no longer have a delay. The moment the text shows up is the moment the voice-over begins.

-Dual-casting no longer results in one animation with two damages, every animation is a single attack. This is best seen with Ice Blitz or Barrage, as ice surrounds the opponent each time damage is done.

-Every patch of land looks less “grid-like” and a more natural part of the world.

-Movement (when my fps isn’t horrible) feels more immediate with each click.


-Overall improvement to the lighting has helped the game in a major way (especially noticeable in Draynor with the dark environment but bright windows shining through. Fantastic).

These are the things that really stood out to me in the HTML5 beta. Of course, there are problems, but those have been mentioned repeatedly and I’d hope they recognize the FPS issue. Try to keep criticism constructive.

(Note: I didn’t mention NIS Because there is a separate forum for that)

Ascension signets

Using wild pies to get into the fight should not affect the drop rate whatsover. At the moment you basically have to start hard at the screen where you drop was after picking up every other drop and look for the signet on the ground.

Recently I realized that many people are having issues and complaints about the new social slayer update to ascension bosses because of that fact that it has affected many factors that help a player find a signet when it is dropped by an ascension boss. From what I have been reading on forums, players seem to agree that that signet click box has changed in size to a smaller dimension, the signets somehow seem to take a lot longer to acquire, they do not show up on mini map, and are at the bottom of loot pile I’m sure their are other things that have changed but as of now these are the main ones I’ve read.

I also seem to be having the same issues as I’ve spent a good 80m on the saxtus boss alone and have yet to get a signet drop. I’ve already seen the posts Mod Doctor has made saying that this will be patched and fixed soon hopefully, but I was still intrigued on the idea of making a post to see if I could gather more information on when this would possibly be fixed/ patched and to find out if anyone had tips/ suggestions on how to better look for a signet in the loot pile, and last but not least I was curios if anyone had noticed anything different other than those stated above about the signets after social slayer update.

I also forgot to state that I am only currently 90 slayer and am using wild pies to be able to use the keys in order to kill the ascension bosses, and I have speculated on the idea that maybe this could be affecting that drop rate or even the chance of it dropping them dropping a signet.

Runescape black knight voice

I can’t put my finger on it, but I just have a feeling he’s Saradomin. And I also thought Kara-Meir as well for the woman, further evidenced by her mention of Doric, whom of course she knows very well.

Is it me, or does his voice resembles the voice of that voice actor that says “Are you with us or against us, decide! Don’t waste my time” (3:10) on a recent BTS video regarding the future of RS SOUND (Runescape 3 Gold: The Future sound of Runescape)

He also says:
“The crater is unstable! Beware!” and “FIRE!”.

The Black Knight that is watching the Portal in Lumbridge says:

“This can’t be anyone other than Zamorak.”, “Other Gods would put a portal down safely, away from Lumbridge”, “Only he would manifest so boldly, right by the castle walls.”.

Kinda sounds like the same voice actor. But it’s hard to compare, since the man in the video only spoke in an exclamatory way.

Yeah, but i also suspect that actors voice will be either used for multiple “unimportant” characters or it will be used for only one important character’s voice. (You wouldn’t want everyone to sound like a God, for example)
Unless, of course, Jagex uses editing.

When i heard that actress’s line, the one that involves Doric.
I immediatly thought about the Dwarf quest line. But perhaps that is wrong. I haven’t read the Novels, but if there is a connection with Doric and Kara-meir, then that actress might just be voicing her.

Zealot –
One who is zealous, especially excessively so.
A fanatically committed person.

This might be a matter involving the Gods, and confirms the Kara-meir suspictions, since she will be (i think) directly involved with the affairs of the Godless (mentioned in the Book of the Gods). And who is better suited for making a comment about someone who is a Zealot than a person that doesn’t ally herself with the Gods and worship.

I am personally excited to hear each of the God’s and important character’s voices.

Runescape seismic vs ascended vs drygore

2 weeks is still enough to be considered recent right? Anyway…

I’m hoping that this is largely a result of people not wanting to fight Vorago due to server issues, but I have noticed a surprising trend with the Seismic Wand. New items always start out hyperinflated and then fall, but the Seismic Wand has actually climbed back up to its early day 2 prices. Currently it seems to be going for nearly 1.3b.

This is problematic because it is evidence that Seismics are coming into the game at such a slow rate that they can be bought out and hoarded with nearly 100% effectiveness. If this continues, Seismic would possibly end up stabilizing at 1b or so for the pair, even after the hoarders start to dump.

We all know that Jagex didn’t want to repeat the mistake they made with Drygores (even though it gives melee a stupidly huge advantage in terms of weapon accessibility). But this might be a bit too extreme. Ascension crossbows were easily enough of a step up, with them currently 650m or so for a pair. It would be very imbalanced if Seismic winds up even higher than that.

This is all theoretical and may be inaccurate, but I thought it would be nice to have a discussion thread on RU that wasn’t about the server issues.

Yeah by about 60m each. I’m guessing that is because of Ranged being really useful on Vorago though. Either that or there was a decline in activity in the Ascension monastery.

For Vorago, I doubt it’s a lack of interest.

I think it’s the server DC’s and the learning process that made it rise up. After we have several hundred people learn the fight, and after the servers are stabilized, it should be a pretty popular boss.

For the Order of Ascension, it’s the lack of interest and poor design that is causing the bows to rise.

The best drops from the minions are the keys, picking up anything that you can’t alch reduces your kills per hour. So the normal drops are bad if you are a DIY player.

Those who buy Runescape Gold guys spend tens of millions on each Legion boss trying to get a signet. If you cannot get a signet, you cannot make the crossbow. If you lose your bank at 5/6 signets, you have no chance of making that money back.

Since keys are taken out of the game quickly, increasing the drop rate wouldn’t do much except turn off players from collecting them in the future. Multiple kills per key would also devalue the price of keys.

Instead, Jagex should make Signets tradeable. If the Signet drop rate is 1/64, then each Signet would be around 32m base price. If the average signet drop occurs at 100 keys, then the signet would be 50m. This removes the “all-or-nothing” aspect of creating the crossbow, the same amount of keys will still enter/exit the game, but players will now be able to stop and sell their signets if they are ever low on money.

I would recommend doing all the runescape quests

There have been a lot of changes over the years. The biggest is the evolution of combat by far. It completely changes the aspect of combat to add in activities. You should consider trying out the new combat and learning about abilities at the combat academy in Lumbridge.

You should also notice that Taverly and Burthrope are now f2p now. You can also train all members skills up to level 5.

There was a new skill added in 2010 called dungeoneering. It’s basically doing a mini dungeon crawl with puzzles. It’s both f2p and p2p.

I would recommend doing all the quests. There were a few new f2p ones added/redone. And just testing out all the skills.

Like the title says I havent played Runescape Gold in years. Logging into the game it’s obvious that a lot of stuff has changed and my character was basically reset with all his stats back to lvl 1 which kind of sucks but I guess it’s not too bad considering I had gotten rid of all my things in game before I stopped playing. What sucked more was my friends list was also wiped clean. It would have been nice to see if any of my old clannmates were still playing. I’ve heard about the 07 servers and it would be nice to play on them considering I’m more familiar to that then this new version of the game, but they require a membership and I don’t really want to sub up again so soon.

Anyways I wanted to just ask the advice of current players on what to do and where to get started in the new version of the game. Back when I used to play I had high lvl mining, wc and fletching which was where I primarily made my money. Combat lvl was around 90something mainly used bows and fast one handers. Fishing was also pretty high as well as cooking. Those are probably the activities I did the most back then. Although I did dip my hand in pretty much everything. When I left the game there were some fun “battlegrounds” type games that I enjoyed playing. One of like a capture the flag type thing versus other players the other was destroying these portals that monsters would spawn out of on this island with a team of players. It would be fun to try out those things if they still exist.

The recent major update was the introduction of Evolution of Combat. It changed the combat system entirely. You should YouTube anything related to EoC so you can see what the combat system is like now. I do advise you to try it out because you will see a lot of people who talk down EoC, but its really not that bad. Give it a try.

We are thrilled to announce that RuneScape 3 has an official launch date

We are thrilled to announce that RuneScape 3 has an official launch date: Monday 22nd July.

We can also finally reveal the centrepiece content for RuneScape 3 Gold: the Battle of Lumbridge. This will be a world event of epic scale where your decisions and actions will forever shape the story of Gielinor. The future of RuneScape is in your hands.

This is a brave new age for RuneScape in technology, story and gameplay.

HTML5 game client: The next generation of browser technology. It brings a big step up in visual quality with improved lighting, draw distance and colour, loading into your browser in moments, without the need for plug-ins or Java.
New audio engine: High-fidelity audio and music, featuring full orchestral pieces written by BAFTA Award winner James Hannigan and played by the Slovak Symphony Orchestra.
Seasonal high scores: Compete against your friends and the rest of the RuneScape community to rank on weekly and monthly leaderboards.
Dawn of the Sixth Age: The gods of RuneScape are returning. Entrusted as World Guardians, players have the power to decide which gods will win and lose in their struggles for supremacy.
The Battle of Lumbridge: An epic-scale world event which will shake the foundations of Gielinor, and one which is driven entirely by your actions. Week by week, your choices will shape the flow of battle and the fate of characters, locations and stories, and the ultimate outcome will set the course for RuneScape’s future.
New Interface System: Designed for ease of use and massive depth of customisation, the NIS lets you quickly change RuneScape’s UI according to your play style at any given moment. It also includes feature upgrades such as key binding and a resizable minimap to put even more choice at your fingertips.
Upgraded camera: Overhauled and updated, a new in-game camera gives you the freedom to view Gielinor like never before.
New community website: Customise your community experience to your specifications, with a new easy-to-navigate website focused on your needs.
Divination: Prepare to unlock divine powers from your surroundings with a new skill for RuneScape 3, arriving a few weeks after launch.
Remember that RuneScape 3 is a continuation of the current game, so you’ll use your existing character, and don’t need to create a new account. You can also continue to play using the Java client if you wish – you’ll get all of the benefits of RuneScape 3, just without the visual upgrades.

In the meantime, these three steps will get you ready for launch:

Prepare your Computer

Install Google Chrome and make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

Catch Up on the Story

Play The World Wakes and complete the God Emissaries jobs, and watch the Origins of Gielinor motion comic to see the epic chain of events that led to this point.

Preview New Gameplay

Get involved in our beta programme and try HTML5 and the New Interface System before Buy RuneScape 3 Gold arrives. The NIS Beta is open to everyone now, and the full HTML5 Open Beta is coming soon. Keep an eye out for more information!

My main concern with all of this is how well prepared they will actually be . While I’m pleased to see the magnitude of their upcoming ambitions to really rework some aspects of the game and move it to a new era with some drastic changes to interface, gameplay and adding onto the game experience by involving players in storylines…. I doubt this will all go smooth from scratch. If you ask me they will probably rush into this and deliver unfinished content with quite some bugs.that annoy more players than it attracts new/keeps current members playing (which is I think their main objective as of late). I’d rather wait another month or two for this if that would mean the bugs are brought down to a minimum, something which I don’t believe can be the case so soon.

Where is runescape player?

I returned as promised to where it all began. Said when I max out finally on EOC to every skill 99 (almost there now after 3 year false ban) I would return to the first game to finally finish where I left off at 78-99 mining.

But now I’m here every world is showing 20-30 players but all the days I’ve been livestreaming I’m the only one on. Not counting the 3 bots at Mining Guild world 1.

So yeah – does anybody still play this version? Or is it only bots hiding out in the dark corners of each world?

Generally you can find people at Draynor w2 depending on the time of day. However, sometimes even Draynor is empty.

Some do still play this game and enjoy it. The trick is finding them.But they are around, I assure you. The people who are left are some of the nicest people I’ve met in my years of playing. The saying ‘quality over quantity’ comes to mind.

I have to agree with Leta. I know one guy (who I’m not sure I’m allowed to say names in forums) who is always on Classic and is an honest player. He’s such a great guy and is a funny noob, too.

Also, a tip for mining:

Try the Coal Trucks! They are west of Seers, just go and mine there, deposit the coal until the truck is full. Go to the bank, bank your coal in your inventory, then go in the room with the coal carts in them. Keep banking until the carts are empty. And repeat!

Architect’s kingdom

The pulsing rune gave off a warm, captivating glow… oddly fascinating. The traveller knelt down, reaching out, but just as their hand brushed the symbol, it flashed, and in perhaps the space of a single heartbeat a portal ripped open, a massive, shadowy clawed hand whipping out and opening. Time seemed to slow and distort, teeth ranging from childrens’ teeth to Werewolves’ canines to Giants’ molars clearly visible on the unnatural limb.
“What the f-”
The hand snapped shut around the figure, and whipped back inside. The portal sealed, and the glow faded from the rune… leaving the scene quiet once more.
The traveller awoke in a strange, alien realm, lying facedown on a pile of rubble. They pushed themselves to their feet – or began to, for no sooner had they pressed their hand down to push themself up than their hand pushed into something… distinctly squishing, the hand sinking in with a squelch. The traveller yanked their hand back and glanced down, wide-eyed, letting out a gasp of shock at the grotesque sight; the corpse of a human warrior lay beneath them, their plate armor rended apart to reveal the innards, most of which had been removed and scattered about. Panicking, the traveller scrambled up and off the corpse, their gaze whipping every whichway as realisation hit them; it was not rubble.
They were lying atop a pile of mutilated corpses. Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Orks, other humanoids that could not be named. Finally, they forced themself to look up, taking in the surroundings of ruined, grey-green buildings with massive overgrown roots surrounding them, and a thin layer of fog blanketing the ground further away. Above, greenish-grey storm clouds loomed, with the occasional flash of lightning. A gurgling chuckle came from behind the traveller, followed by the repetitive /tinktinktink/ of claws on metal…
Welcome, traveller, to the hell that is the Architect’s Kingdom.

? Introduction
? Rules
? Information regarding roleplay
o Cooperation and Magic
o Guides and Documents
o Insanity and Trauma
? Application
? Guardian Archetypes
? Documents

Common sense rules apply, such as:
? No Godmoding or Metagaming.
? No trolling, flaming, etc.
? Show respect! People will respect you, so show some decency and return the favor.
? Do not mix ic feelings with ooc feelings.
? Problem with a player? Report it to Rory.
? Multi-clanning is allowed. This is an FC run roleplay.
? Have Fun!

Information regarding the roleplay:
This roleplay takes place on an alternate plane, inhabited by terrifying creatures known as Guardians. All participating characters become trapped here, and search for their way out, fighting through the teeming mass of Guardians. Over the course of the roleplay, the characters will discover more about the origins of the Guardians and what brought their architect to make these living death machines

Venturing into this new plane, the adventurers will discover the remains of a civilisation long since destroyed by an ancient enemy, discovering pieces of the story as they go. By the end of the story, players will have uncovered a plot that threatens not only their lives, but all of Gielinor… and beyond.

Guardian archetypes (cont.)
Watchers – Essentially rats with wings, these creatures are among the smallest of the Guardians, and about as threatening as they are massive. However, with a frog-like head covered in fur, eyes, and a large mouth, their true terror comes into play when they spot an intruder; they open the mouth, fill their throat-sac with air, and release an ear-splitting wail that can be heard for miles around, summoning other Guardians to the location within seconds and using their flight ability to follow the intruder. Best to strike them down before they can even begin their wail.

Silverfins – Silverfins have never been seen. Not fully, at least. A fish roughly as long as an Elf is tall, these swimmers are fast – incredibly so, and armed with silvery, bladed fins – hence their namesake. A flash of silver, a splash, and a splatter of blood. That is how they hunt. They are usually seen in groups of two to four, if not alone.

Goliaths – Roughly ten times the size of a Brawler, with a head consisting of a mass of tentacles around a small, dagger-filled mouth, Goliaths are slow, clumsy, and don’t seem to be very bright. However, they possess a pair of huge leather wings wrapped around their trunk-like forearms and legs, as well as two more on their midsection, giving these elephant-like brutes a flight ability. They are meant as transport units, dropping to their forearms and opening a sac along their underbelly to release a group of smaller Guardian units, similar to the pods on a Maverick

Peacekeepers – Fairly large, brutish figures hefting what appears to be spiked maces in place of hands, Peacekeepers are the true guard unit of the Guardian ranks. Standing at roughly 7′ with a very muscular frame clad in that odd thick, natural stone plate armor and sporting frightening helmets and the tattered remains of once-glorious cloaks, these warriors may have been human at one time, but all they offer now is grunts, snarls, and a vicious beating.