Runescape 3 release!NIS optional

My computer specs are pretty decent, and can run the nis rs3 beta pretty good, but if i log in to the live version of RS 3 Gold with the old interface i can play with exactly the same frame rate as i can in java, my question is, will NIS be optional upon release but with the option to still play RS3?

As for any haters, i can answer your flames right now, i dont want to just play the java version as i know someone will say “if your computer cant run the NIS RS3, stay with the java version”‘

Well I can tell you just as a player and from alot of info from reading articles that no the NIS will not be optional that it will be on the java version fully, but look at it this way, with the NIS system you can now remove alot of the needless frames that don’t need to be their depending on what you are doing at the current moment.