Ascension signets

Using wild pies to get into the fight should not affect the drop rate whatsover. At the moment you basically have to start hard at the screen where you drop was after picking up every other drop and look for the signet on the ground.

Recently I realized that many people are having issues and complaints about the new social slayer update to ascension bosses because of that fact that it has affected many factors that help a player find a signet when it is dropped by an ascension boss. From what I have been reading on forums, players seem to agree that that signet click box has changed in size to a smaller dimension, the signets somehow seem to take a lot longer to acquire, they do not show up on mini map, and are at the bottom of loot pile I’m sure their are other things that have changed but as of now these are the main ones I’ve read.

I also seem to be having the same issues as I’ve spent a good 80m on the saxtus boss alone and have yet to get a signet drop. I’ve already seen the posts Mod Doctor has made saying that this will be patched and fixed soon hopefully, but I was still intrigued on the idea of making a post to see if I could gather more information on when this would possibly be fixed/ patched and to find out if anyone had tips/ suggestions on how to better look for a signet in the loot pile, and last but not least I was curios if anyone had noticed anything different other than those stated above about the signets after social slayer update.

I also forgot to state that I am only currently 90 slayer and am using wild pies to be able to use the keys in order to kill the ascension bosses, and I have speculated on the idea that maybe this could be affecting that drop rate or even the chance of it dropping them dropping a signet.