Runescape black knight voice

I can’t put my finger on it, but I just have a feeling he’s Saradomin. And I also thought Kara-Meir as well for the woman, further evidenced by her mention of Doric, whom of course she knows very well.

Is it me, or does his voice resembles the voice of that voice actor that says “Are you with us or against us, decide! Don’t waste my time” (3:10) on a recent BTS video regarding the future of RS SOUND (Runescape 3 Gold: The Future sound of Runescape)

He also says:
“The crater is unstable! Beware!” and “FIRE!”.

The Black Knight that is watching the Portal in Lumbridge says:

“This can’t be anyone other than Zamorak.”, “Other Gods would put a portal down safely, away from Lumbridge”, “Only he would manifest so boldly, right by the castle walls.”.

Kinda sounds like the same voice actor. But it’s hard to compare, since the man in the video only spoke in an exclamatory way.

Yeah, but i also suspect that actors voice will be either used for multiple “unimportant” characters or it will be used for only one important character’s voice. (You wouldn’t want everyone to sound like a God, for example)
Unless, of course, Jagex uses editing.

When i heard that actress’s line, the one that involves Doric.
I immediatly thought about the Dwarf quest line. But perhaps that is wrong. I haven’t read the Novels, but if there is a connection with Doric and Kara-meir, then that actress might just be voicing her.

Zealot –
One who is zealous, especially excessively so.
A fanatically committed person.

This might be a matter involving the Gods, and confirms the Kara-meir suspictions, since she will be (i think) directly involved with the affairs of the Godless (mentioned in the Book of the Gods). And who is better suited for making a comment about someone who is a Zealot than a person that doesn’t ally herself with the Gods and worship.

I am personally excited to hear each of the God’s and important character’s voices.