Runescape seismic vs ascended vs drygore

2 weeks is still enough to be considered recent right? Anyway…

I’m hoping that this is largely a result of people not wanting to fight Vorago due to server issues, but I have noticed a surprising trend with the Seismic Wand. New items always start out hyperinflated and then fall, but the Seismic Wand has actually climbed back up to its early day 2 prices. Currently it seems to be going for nearly 1.3b.

This is problematic because it is evidence that Seismics are coming into the game at such a slow rate that they can be bought out and hoarded with nearly 100% effectiveness. If this continues, Seismic would possibly end up stabilizing at 1b or so for the pair, even after the hoarders start to dump.

We all know that Jagex didn’t want to repeat the mistake they made with Drygores (even though it gives melee a stupidly huge advantage in terms of weapon accessibility). But this might be a bit too extreme. Ascension crossbows were easily enough of a step up, with them currently 650m or so for a pair. It would be very imbalanced if Seismic winds up even higher than that.

This is all theoretical and may be inaccurate, but I thought it would be nice to have a discussion thread on RU that wasn’t about the server issues.

Yeah by about 60m each. I’m guessing that is because of Ranged being really useful on Vorago though. Either that or there was a decline in activity in the Ascension monastery.

For Vorago, I doubt it’s a lack of interest.

I think it’s the server DC’s and the learning process that made it rise up. After we have several hundred people learn the fight, and after the servers are stabilized, it should be a pretty popular boss.

For the Order of Ascension, it’s the lack of interest and poor design that is causing the bows to rise.

The best drops from the minions are the keys, picking up anything that you can’t alch reduces your kills per hour. So the normal drops are bad if you are a DIY player.

Those who buy Runescape Gold guys spend tens of millions on each Legion boss trying to get a signet. If you cannot get a signet, you cannot make the crossbow. If you lose your bank at 5/6 signets, you have no chance of making that money back.

Since keys are taken out of the game quickly, increasing the drop rate wouldn’t do much except turn off players from collecting them in the future. Multiple kills per key would also devalue the price of keys.

Instead, Jagex should make Signets tradeable. If the Signet drop rate is 1/64, then each Signet would be around 32m base price. If the average signet drop occurs at 100 keys, then the signet would be 50m. This removes the “all-or-nothing” aspect of creating the crossbow, the same amount of keys will still enter/exit the game, but players will now be able to stop and sell their signets if they are ever low on money.