I would recommend doing all the runescape quests

There have been a lot of changes over the years. The biggest is the evolution of combat by far. It completely changes the aspect of combat to add in activities. You should consider trying out the new combat and learning about abilities at the combat academy in Lumbridge.

You should also notice that Taverly and Burthrope are now f2p now. You can also train all members skills up to level 5.

There was a new skill added in 2010 called dungeoneering. It’s basically doing a mini dungeon crawl with puzzles. It’s both f2p and p2p.

I would recommend doing all the quests. There were a few new f2p ones added/redone. And just testing out all the skills.

Like the title says I havent played Runescape Gold in years. Logging into the game it’s obvious that a lot of stuff has changed and my character was basically reset with all his stats back to lvl 1 which kind of sucks but I guess it’s not too bad considering I had gotten rid of all my things in game before I stopped playing. What sucked more was my friends list was also wiped clean. It would have been nice to see if any of my old clannmates were still playing. I’ve heard about the 07 servers and it would be nice to play on them considering I’m more familiar to that then this new version of the game, but they require a membership and I don’t really want to sub up again so soon.

Anyways I wanted to just ask the advice of current players on what to do and where to get started in the new version of the game. Back when I used to play I had high lvl mining, wc and fletching which was where I primarily made my money. Combat lvl was around 90something mainly used bows and fast one handers. Fishing was also pretty high as well as cooking. Those are probably the activities I did the most back then. Although I did dip my hand in pretty much everything. When I left the game there were some fun “battlegrounds” type games that I enjoyed playing. One of like a capture the flag type thing versus other players the other was destroying these portals that monsters would spawn out of on this island with a team of players. It would be fun to try out those things if they still exist.

The recent major update was the introduction of Evolution of Combat. It changed the combat system entirely. You should YouTube anything related to EoC so you can see what the combat system is like now. I do advise you to try it out because you will see a lot of people who talk down EoC, but its really not that bad. Give it a try.