Where is runescape player?

I returned as promised to where it all began. Said when I max out finally on EOC to every skill 99 (almost there now after 3 year false ban) I would return to the first game to finally finish where I left off at 78-99 mining.

But now I’m here every world is showing 20-30 players but all the days I’ve been livestreaming I’m the only one on. Not counting the 3 bots at Mining Guild world 1.

So yeah – does anybody still play this version? Or is it only bots hiding out in the dark corners of each world?

Generally you can find people at Draynor w2 depending on the time of day. However, sometimes even Draynor is empty.

Some do still play this game and enjoy it. The trick is finding them.But they are around, I assure you. The people who are left are some of the nicest people I’ve met in my years of playing. The saying ‘quality over quantity’ comes to mind.

I have to agree with Leta. I know one guy (who I’m not sure I’m allowed to say names in forums) who is always on Classic and is an honest player. He’s such a great guy and is a funny noob, too.

Also, a tip for mining:

Try the Coal Trucks! They are west of Seers, just go and mine there, deposit the coal until the truck is full. Go to the bank, bank your coal in your inventory, then go in the room with the coal carts in them. Keep banking until the carts are empty. And repeat!