Architect’s kingdom

The pulsing rune gave off a warm, captivating glow… oddly fascinating. The traveller knelt down, reaching out, but just as their hand brushed the symbol, it flashed, and in perhaps the space of a single heartbeat a portal ripped open, a massive, shadowy clawed hand whipping out and opening. Time seemed to slow and distort, teeth ranging from childrens’ teeth to Werewolves’ canines to Giants’ molars clearly visible on the unnatural limb.
“What the f-”
The hand snapped shut around the figure, and whipped back inside. The portal sealed, and the glow faded from the rune… leaving the scene quiet once more.
The traveller awoke in a strange, alien realm, lying facedown on a pile of rubble. They pushed themselves to their feet – or began to, for no sooner had they pressed their hand down to push themself up than their hand pushed into something… distinctly squishing, the hand sinking in with a squelch. The traveller yanked their hand back and glanced down, wide-eyed, letting out a gasp of shock at the grotesque sight; the corpse of a human warrior lay beneath them, their plate armor rended apart to reveal the innards, most of which had been removed and scattered about. Panicking, the traveller scrambled up and off the corpse, their gaze whipping every whichway as realisation hit them; it was not rubble.
They were lying atop a pile of mutilated corpses. Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Orks, other humanoids that could not be named. Finally, they forced themself to look up, taking in the surroundings of ruined, grey-green buildings with massive overgrown roots surrounding them, and a thin layer of fog blanketing the ground further away. Above, greenish-grey storm clouds loomed, with the occasional flash of lightning. A gurgling chuckle came from behind the traveller, followed by the repetitive /tinktinktink/ of claws on metal…
Welcome, traveller, to the hell that is the Architect’s Kingdom.

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? Rules
? Information regarding roleplay
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? Application
? Guardian Archetypes
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Common sense rules apply, such as:
? No Godmoding or Metagaming.
? No trolling, flaming, etc.
? Show respect! People will respect you, so show some decency and return the favor.
? Do not mix ic feelings with ooc feelings.
? Problem with a player? Report it to Rory.
? Multi-clanning is allowed. This is an FC run roleplay.
? Have Fun!

Information regarding the roleplay:
This roleplay takes place on an alternate plane, inhabited by terrifying creatures known as Guardians. All participating characters become trapped here, and search for their way out, fighting through the teeming mass of Guardians. Over the course of the roleplay, the characters will discover more about the origins of the Guardians and what brought their architect to make these living death machines

Venturing into this new plane, the adventurers will discover the remains of a civilisation long since destroyed by an ancient enemy, discovering pieces of the story as they go. By the end of the story, players will have uncovered a plot that threatens not only their lives, but all of Gielinor… and beyond.

Guardian archetypes (cont.)
Watchers – Essentially rats with wings, these creatures are among the smallest of the Guardians, and about as threatening as they are massive. However, with a frog-like head covered in fur, eyes, and a large mouth, their true terror comes into play when they spot an intruder; they open the mouth, fill their throat-sac with air, and release an ear-splitting wail that can be heard for miles around, summoning other Guardians to the location within seconds and using their flight ability to follow the intruder. Best to strike them down before they can even begin their wail.

Silverfins – Silverfins have never been seen. Not fully, at least. A fish roughly as long as an Elf is tall, these swimmers are fast – incredibly so, and armed with silvery, bladed fins – hence their namesake. A flash of silver, a splash, and a splatter of blood. That is how they hunt. They are usually seen in groups of two to four, if not alone.

Goliaths – Roughly ten times the size of a Brawler, with a head consisting of a mass of tentacles around a small, dagger-filled mouth, Goliaths are slow, clumsy, and don’t seem to be very bright. However, they possess a pair of huge leather wings wrapped around their trunk-like forearms and legs, as well as two more on their midsection, giving these elephant-like brutes a flight ability. They are meant as transport units, dropping to their forearms and opening a sac along their underbelly to release a group of smaller Guardian units, similar to the pods on a Maverick

Peacekeepers – Fairly large, brutish figures hefting what appears to be spiked maces in place of hands, Peacekeepers are the true guard unit of the Guardian ranks. Standing at roughly 7′ with a very muscular frame clad in that odd thick, natural stone plate armor and sporting frightening helmets and the tattered remains of once-glorious cloaks, these warriors may have been human at one time, but all they offer now is grunts, snarls, and a vicious beating.