Runescape road to dual drygores

Hey guys, my name is Soco2010, a.k.a. Mag1c Chaos and I’m here to just share a little goal I’ve had for about 2 weeks now. Dual Drygores.

Now I’ve given some thought to which pair I want and I’ve been learning towards the dual maces because they’re just absolutely killer. I’m going to be doing my best to obtain the gold (approx. 140M) needed for these weapons over the next 3 weeks.

I’ve set the bar of getting this goal achieved before RuneScape gold comes out.

I will be soloing Bandos, Corporal Beast, Saradomin from time to time, camping at frost dragons some, as well as trying to get lucky at barrows when I get bored of big bosses. Heck, I may even kill the KBD for a few hours.

Current Money Pouch: 1129K
Current Networth: 17.33M

I am willing to accept any invites to whatever bosses anyone would like to invite me to, I have overloads and all that stuff, as well as any donations you’d like to give me in order to reach my goal 🙂 Thank you for reading. I’ll keep ya posted!