Desert runescape farming plots

We have important cacti and I hate having to choose between them;

Cactus – Gives Spines for Herblore
Potato Cactus – Gives Potato Cacti for Herblore
Prickly Pear Cactus – Gives Defense Experience

So here is my suggestion.

Add another patch or two in the desert cities – Nardah, Sophanem, or the Monkey Colony would be a great option here.You need to buy runescape gold.Maybe it could even become the opening of Menaphos (see implementation idea number 2)

~Allows players to plant 2 or more cacti without digging them up if they use the produce made for Herblore. (I don’t want to dig up my cactus to plant a potato cacti plant)

—— Way to implement this into the game ——
~Achievement Diary. Desert tasks up to hard unlocks it.
~Quest – A mix of My Arm’s Big Adventure, Livid Farm, and Fairytale series, you help a misguided farmer save a desert Cactus farm, and in return they teach you how to make a patch (or two..) in a predetermined location (like the Christmas Event with the Dog Houses)
~ You buy the rights to the land from the POH Estate Agent after a Certain Level.

—— Closing Statement ——

We have 8 allotment patches, 4 herb, bush, hops and flower patches, 11 tree patches. We even have multiple Spirit Tree patches… Why not add a few more cacti patches so we can get the most out of the desert plants?

Thank you for taking time to read this proposition, and I hope you support it!