Why runescape eoc should be changed

Well my original post got locked by Trenmor because I didn’t post how we should “Change EOC”. So I will post my original post and fix a few things:

*Why the Evolution of Combat Should be removed (and how).

First of all. Take a look at the top of your screen. Right under the community tab. It currently says 53,784 people currently online. What?! Pre-Runescape Gold we had upwards of 150,000! That is obviously saying something, Jagex. Now at this point, some people might be saying, “If you don’t like it then go to 07scape!”. Problem is I want BOTH the updates from the main game and the combat from 07 scape. I want runescape how it originally was.

Runescape was unique to me because of how the combat system was different. Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed pray switching and menu navigating. It was fun and cool to figure out where to position your mouse to do a AGS/Vengance combo in less than 2 seconds! I also had a sense of accomplishment my first time killing jad and doing the Fight Kiln. Jagex, we liked old RS! I actually switched to WoW when EOC came out. I really hate to make this comparison, but runescape is essentially World of Warcraft now, but with graphics that aren’t as good and less content. The entire combat system in runescape made the game what it was. It was why so many people enjoyed it.

I have made so many friends in this game that I still keep in touch with because we enjoyed runescape how it was pre EOC. All of us have moved on to something else because of it. I tried giving EOC a chance, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. I played this game for 6 years! I hate the feeling that after 6 years of work in this game, they changed it soo much that I don’t want to touch it anymore.