Runescape 3 MMORPG coming to iPad in time, will work on some Android devices from launch

Runescape gold  is coming this summer to web browsers and represents a huge update in the popular massively multiplayer role-playing game series. The new technology used will enhance almost every aspect of the game, including the 3D graphics, draw distance, audio and sheer scale. But the most significant change is that it is moving from running in Java to HTML5, something that potentially allows developer Jagex to look beyond desktop and laptop PCs to smartphones and tablets.

Indeed, when Runescape 3 goes live over the coming weeks it will work on some Android devices already. It won’t be suitable for iPad or iPhone, however. Even though the technology is potentially compatible with iOS browsers, the user interface will need work to provide an experience worth having.

Speaking to Pocket-lint, Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, explained that an iPad, iPhone and iPod touch-friendly Runescape is next on the agenda. “Technically there are some mobile devices with full support for HTML5 (Android-based) but this doesn’t include the iPad or iPhone,” he told us. “Our HTML5 client wasn’t just a port of the Java version, but rather was rebuilt from the ground up with a better architecture, so it can make better use of device hardware and is more suited for moving to other platforms. But in order to make the game really fun on tablet devices we will re-design the front-end to work beautifully on a touch screen – that’s our main goal once Runescape 2007 gold  is released