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Bob Negotiate at the Huge Return will decant products for totally free. Decanting outcomes in products of the same type being combined into 4-dose products as much as possible. For example, Bob Negotiate will decant six 3-dose strength products into four 4-dose and one 2-dose concoction. Described products may also be decanted; any noted / unnoted blends of products in your stock will be handled individually of each other.

This is a quick and easy way to totally release Vials for recycling. 4-dose products also usually offer better on the grand exchange as the cost is always the same per quantity, so a 1-dose concoction expenses half of the cost of a 2-dose concoction. Prices may be curved down.Zahur in Nardah will fresh unclean herbs for 200 silver coins per natural herb. This capability is generally only used by gamers who increased the herbs and cannot fresh them, as the capability to make products with the washed natural herb needs the herblore level to fresh the natural herb.

Zahur will also decant 4-dose products into 3-dose products, for a little fee of 11 silver coins per vial provided. Zahur’s fee includes the cost of vacant vials needed for the decanting, if you supply all vials needed the service is totally free. Inventory space for the causing products is needed, or Zahur will do not decant them. As with the Bob Negotiate update, Zahur will now also decant noted products with noted vials as well.