RuneScape will make more new projects in this summer

Jagex has just announced what the program in May RuneScape gold updates. It will be quite intensive, both for users player who more stylish, classic free play.

Subscribers are entitled to start a new event: Nexus of. This is a very ugly thing, which will greatly help beginners to pray. Subscription veteran agriculture will have a new plantouilles, can be used to enable them to reach 99.

For all players, history forward RuneScape God’s messenger. Players will pledge allegiance to God or no God did not see a faction also planned. Finally, in several different areas, the bonus XP systems will be standardized.

June arrived and it looks like the sun, but it also has a lot of new projects RuneScape. Jagex studio record tells us transcend orders and full of traps and Guthixiens new dungeon.

It will also restore a cut three, Triskele accommodation crystal key to find the dragon stone armor. Shop Solomon and wealth, should provide a new object. Community video contest started, will get the best free subscription. Finally Back RuneScape MOD Mark 3 is expected this summer.