Warband camp is based around a summoning beam in Runescape

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Each warband camp is based around a summoning beam, used by the warband to summon in allies. Get close enough without being seen, and you’ll be able to convert the beam, switching its alignment to that of a rival god. The conversion process is quicker the more people are involved, so be sure to sneak in as many saboteurs as you can.

Once that’s complete, the colour of the beam will change, and you’ll be able to start another such process: this time, a summoning ritual to bring in a rival warband! Once successful, the opposing force will attack and you can get stuck into the fight on your own terms. These are the first enemies in the game to use Evolution of Combat mechanics and all-new AI, so they’ll still be formidable foes!
If you make yourself seen, the warband will summon like-minded rogues through the beam, and the fight will be stacked against you. Also, never forget that this is the Wilderness. You’ll make a tempting target for PKers – or even traitors from your own ranks – who may deliberately alert the warband to distract you while they take you down.

Everyone involved with converting the beam or summoning in the rival warband will receive a healthy helping of Prayer or Summoning XP at the completion of each stage. The leader of each warband also gives a chunk of Slayer XP to those responsible for his demise.

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